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    Newlywed Natalie Portman and Aleph Take a Hike

    Natalie Portman takes a hike with baby Aleph. (Fabio/ Portman didn't have to leave 7-month-old son Aleph home with his dad when she went for a hike with some pals at Hollywood's Runyon Canyon on Thursday. She simply strapped the little guy to her chest and headed off! You could barely get a look at baby Aleph (other than those adorably chubby little legs and hands) as his mom shielded him from the sun (and probably photographers). But Natalie fans were looking at something else … the "Black Swan" star's new diamond wedding band, which outlined the engagement ring she's been sporting for more than a year. The 30-year-old and her new husband, 34-year-old choreographer Benjamin Millepied, whom she met on the "Swan" set in 2009 debuted the new rings at Sunday night's Academy Awards.

    Though no official details have been released, the couple was reportedly married in a private ceremony recently. Portman wasn't up for any Oscars this year, but she got plenty of coverage at the 2010 show when, at five months pregnant, she accepted the award for best actress and thanked "my beautiful love, Benjamin, who has now given me my most important role of my life."

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    • M.A.  •  1 day 7 hours ago
      Thanks for the update.....didn't think I'd make it through the weekend if I didn't know what Natalie Portman did on Thursday!!!!
    • Lissa  •  1 day 1 hour ago
      why do i read any of this crap?
    • Thomas  •  12 hours ago
      There's a lot of celebrities I wish would take a hike.
    • Aundrea S  •  2 days 8 hours ago
      She is covering his face from photographers and the sun, she isn't suffocating him. She wants to keep her private life private and I don't blame her.
    • a  •  1 day 0 hours ago
      Nice way to escape and enjoy nature...texting while you hike...good grief. Put away the phone for a second please!
    • Susan  •  Conway, New Hampshire  •  3 days ago
      "She simply strapped the little guy to her chest and headed off!" And how is that unusual? Where does Yahoo GET these inane writers?
    • Twinkie Nose  •  Irvine, California  •  2 days 8 hours ago
      I love Natalie Portman, she's so sweet. I wish her all the best!
    • fort557  •  Bellflower, California  •  2 days 21 hours ago
      Wait till Vader hears of this!
    • FrankB  •  East Syracuse, New York  •  7 hours ago
      Cameraman, forced to carry camera to record the important event, trips over rock while walking backwards, breaks camera and injures back, and sues Natalie Portman.
    • juls  •  8 hours ago
      Nothing says "nature" like strolling around Runyan Canyon with a hand held PDA, paparazzi, your assistant and your yoga partner.
    • mhm  •  2 days 10 hours ago
      Don't forget to sunscreen those baby arms.
    • mimi  •  Framingham, Massachusetts  •  1 day 13 hours ago
      Spellbinding isn't it?
    • DesertFox  •  Dallastown, Pennsylvania  •  2 days 7 hours ago
      Aleph = First Letter of Hebrew Alphabet. It is a common Jewish name. Clearly, Yahoo trollers are not the smartest bunch.
    • B. William  •  22 hours ago
      The headline seemed to imply they were told to "get lost" i.e. take a hike. #$%$ you yahoo and your craptacular headlines.
    • MM  •  1 hour 30 minutes ago
      ALL moms cover their little one's heads/face when out in the sun. No genius here. I plan to go for a walk soon.....any photographers interested in seizing the moment as a accomplish putting one foot in front of the other.
    • Boris Little Catevsky  •  2 hours 28 minutes ago
      what was the quesrion....lipstick/ YES ITS goo for boy & girls in tha jolie=puu giyse/ e they are iincinting their tomboy shilohj to drop tjd= f BOMB WORD nd teaches shilas to spit far so the baccky juice dont drip on her muscle beater
    • Boris Little Catevsky  •  2 hours 32 minutes ago
      i poped a ambien and now i feel mellow and thdestuffed asnioim al has sly little movings.. and wy how mnayabm to mintain his not hre felling..i know there no dr here but pro 400 people who hav e played drs.

      ohi hop ths stuff toys aement mad ,they are glaring at me
    • Stephen  •  8 hours ago
      Proof that celebrities CAN keep things under wraps if they so desire. So to all those attention-seeking B-D listers out there, who can't understand why the paparazzi always seem to be in the right place at the right time to record their every move - we are on to you.
    • MaryAngel  •  9 hours ago
      Congrats on your wedding! Poor Aleph "looks" suffocated. Lil boy is adorably chunky!
    • Tony S.  •  Reseda, California  •  11 hours ago
      Must have been a great day at Runyan Canyon with all the paparazzi running around.