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    Prince William's posting to Falklands defended

    LONDON (AP) — British officials on Sunday defended the deployment of Prince William to the Falkland Islands, after Argentina reportedly condemned the move as a provocative act.

    The Defense Ministry announced this week that the 29-year-old prince, a Royal Air Force search and rescue pilot, will be posted to the British outpost for six weeks next year.

    The deployment — which will come shortly before the 30th anniversary of Argentina's defeat in the Falklands War — appeared to anger some Argentines. An Argentine official, Sebastian Brugo Marco, told the paper La Nacion the move was a "provocative act."

    But Britain's chief of armed forces David Richards insisted Sunday that it "wasn't and isn't designed to be" that way.

    "Prince William, along with his brother Prince Harry, is a regular member of the armed forces and they do their stint in the roster that comes all our ways," Richards told Sky News.

    Britain has ruled the Falklands, which lie 290 miles (460 kilometers) east of Argentina's coast, for more than 180 years, but Argentina claims sovereignty over the islands, which it calls Las Malvinas. The two countries fought a brief war over the islands in 1982.

    Britain still maintains about 1,000 troops in the territory, which is home to about 3,000 people.

    Officials said William's posting is a normal part of his training and that he would not undertake any ceremonial royal duties during the deployment. His wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, will remain in Britain.

    William, the second in line to the throne, will begin the deployment in February. His uncle, Prince Andrew, served in the Falklands conflict as a Sea King helicopter pilot.


    • Diarrhea van Frank Yesterday
      i love that this is listed under entertainment news.
    • Sugie Yesterday
      I think it is a mistake to make public the whereabouts of William or his brother, it puts them in unnecessary danger. Let people know when they have returned from that duty.
    • Lord baldizar Yesterday
      Why does argentina feel threatned by one guy in a rescue chopper,is Will gonna start an invasion in his rescue chopper. Or heres a thuoght ,why do you even divulge his postings ?? Thye did the same thing with Harry when he got deployed and then they had to pull him out becuase they thuoght he was in danger ( IN A WAR ZONE )) Gee really ??I was in Iraq when this happened ,it was the big joke going around at the time. First thye deploy him to war zone (Where he really wasnt needed by the way ) Then they announce that hes there .Then they pull him out cuase it may be too Dangeruos now. LMAO .Ya think they are trying to get the Royals some press
    • John  •  Medford, United States  •  Yesterday
      I can understand the up roar if england was sending their fleet. but, one man is not a threat unless they get stupid about it.and start something. why are people so stupid?
    • Obama Ate my Homework  •  Santa Clara, United States  •  22 hours ago
      Ex RN lost some of my mates on HMS Sheffield and other ships during the Falklands war.
      OK if you are upset by this why don't you have another go at us, you can use the Argentinian Battleship (oops submarine) General Belgrano as your flagship.
      I for one would head back to the UK and sign up for another chance to cap some slime bag Argies.
    •  •  Pleasanton, United States  •  Yesterday
      Spain ceded the Falklands to the British EMpire long before there was any Argentina as a sovereign state. Argentina never owned these islands. Get over yourselves. Argentina is a beautiful, wealthy country with a smallish population: count your blessings and move on.
    • Ill Beanu Yesterday
      What a bunch of HS!
    • Peng Chau Yesterday
      Every man or woman is entitled to die a hero.
    • a veteran  •  Reno, United States  •  Yesterday
      Lets just pray that Billie boy blue does'nt drink the water
    • C  •  Minneapolis, United States  •  3 hours ago
      Read the article people, he's only going to be there for 6 weeks
    • Mr.SouthMetroAtlanta  •  Atlanta, United States  •  Yesterday
      I understand Argentina just discovered a vast oil site that could prove very prolific for them.
      Oil is America's crack so I wouldn't be surprised if we started singing a different tune if we don't start producing our own stuff.
    • Michael  •  Glasgow, United States  •  Yesterday
      Personally, I wish England would just do away with royalty. They put their pants on the same we all do, so other than they are filty rich, who cares? It's not like they earned their position and money.
    • C  •  Minneapolis, United States  •  Yesterday
      Argintina is a 3rd rate country that complains about everything, its the only way it can back any news at all.
    • SHADOWRUN  •  Jackson, United States  •  Yesterday
      Prince William : What the hell am I doing in these falkland islands.
    • rick  •  San Antonio, United States  •  Yesterday
      Don't cry for the Falklands , Argentina, the truth is .....................
    • Wayne W  •  Great Falls, United States  •  Yesterday
      It's only a provocation if the Argentinians want to be provoked.
    • R K Yesterday
      Great Britain - WINNER ....... Argentina - LOSER. Falklands is British soil.
    • omtatsat Yesterday
      Who cares????????????????????????????????????????/
    • Vera  •  Phoenix, United States  •  Yesterday
      William is a Soldier and has to go where they send him. And why would he want to leave a beautiful wife.? No Favours in England for the rich and famous like in the USA.
    • SteveS Yesterday
      Those pesky Argentines. They just won't go away. Not even after the Brits KICKED THEIR COLLECTIVE #$%$ What has Argentina done for the world since? Can't think of a thing!Someone send a proctologist to find their national head. JEEZ!
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