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    Gov.: Penn St. assistant failed 'moral obligation'

    HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — The Penn State football coach who told a grand jury that he saw another coach molest a child failed to meet "a moral obligation" to intervene, Pennsylvania's governor said Sunday, adding that he expects more victims to come forward.

    The coach who testified, Mike McQueary, had said he saw retired Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky sexually assaulting a boy in a shower at a campus football facility almost a decade ago. Sandusky is accused of assaulting eight boys over 15 years and has maintained his innocence. The university has put McQueary on leave from his job.

    McQueary told the grand jury he was distraught by what he witnessed and walked away after both Sandusky and the boy saw him. He said he told his father what happened and then told head coach Joe Paterno, who reported it to his superiors. But those school officials, athletic director Tim Curley and school vice president Gary Schultz, face perjury charges, accused of covering up McQueary's 2002 report.

    The charges were filed last weekend and the grand jury's report made public, and the resulting outrage made it clear that Paterno, who had coached for decades at Penn State, would share the blame. He was fired Wednesday. In his last game, a win over Illinois, he'd become the coach with the most wins in Division I history.

    As for McQueary, the current attorney general had clearly decided that he was to be treated as a witness in the case, Gov. Tom Corbett said on NBC's "Meet the Press."


    McQueary met "the minimum obligation" of reporting what he saw to his superiors, who are required under Pennsylvania law to report such assaults to authorities. But McQueary "did not in my opinion meet a moral obligation that all of us would have," said the governor, who as attorney general initiated the investigation that led to the charges.

    Corbett also said people have to keep in mind "that this is also somebody who is a witness to this crime and is a very important witness."

    State lawmakers from both parties have proposed changes to toughen the law that governs the reporting of sex assaults, Corbett added. He said he would not be surprised to see it strengthened this year.

    "We have to make sure the change in the law is one that is effective," he said.

    Corbett said he expects more allegations of abuse to materialize, a common occurrence in abuse cases.

    "When the word gets out, when people understand that authorities are actually doing something about this, that they may be believed, then more people come forward," Corbett said.

    Authorities have asked for victims to contact them.

    Sandusky encountered all the boys through a charity he founded to help at-risk children, Second Mile, prosecutors have said. Leaders of the organization plan to meet soon to determine its future, Corbett said.

    "If you talk to people who have worked with Second Mile, it has done great work," he said. "And if it should cease to exist, I am hopeful that other organizations will pick up the work that they did. We need to reach out to these children. We need to give them guidance."



    • familyjoool  •  Carlisle, United States  •  Yesterday
      This vile child rapist Sandusky is out on bail, seen shopping around State College last w/e, free to come and go as he likes and collecting a HUGE pension from Penn State. Tell me crime does not pay.
    • evelyn  •  Olympia, United States  •  Yesterday
      A couple of things come to mind. Either this was not the first time this man had assaulted this child in this way, or the child was either drugged or screaming with pain. And, how in the heck could ANYONE witness something like that and just turn around and walk out??? I don't care how many people he reported it to..........why did he not STOP it and call the police. How could ANYONE see a child being raped and just turn and go????????????????
    • Yesterday
      How does a 28 year old lay his head down that night after looking into the face of a young child being raped? How does he continue to "raise funds" for not a Pedophile (to sanitary) but a CHILD RAPIST? This board of trustees had the audacity to almost allow this creep to remain? They need to be evaluated also.
    • CHARLENE B  •  Indianapolis, United States  •  15 hours ago
      Why did he walk away? He is a big man, could he have stopped the assult?
    • Nick  •  Dallas, United States  •  Yesterday
      This football coach wanted to keep his job--so he didn't do anything. This is probably only the tip of the iceberg.
    • Jennie Yesterday
      What was more important for McQueary's father - to raise his son to have a job as a football coach or to raise his son to be a real man, a man of honor?
    • GTO Guy  •  Yucaipa, United States  •  Yesterday
      Sandusky posted $10K bail last week, and was seen at a local Dick's Sporting Goods on Thursday in full Penn State attire. That's our judicial system in all it's glory...Way to go put a relentless child molester back on the street!
    • Lela  •  Atlanta, United States  •  Yesterday
      McQueary should also be fired......He was the one who witnessed this and dammit he should have stopped it and not walked away....Shame on him!!!!!
    • Cogito  •  Omaha, United States  •  Yesterday
      McQueary merely needed to man-up and stop the assault. Ask yourself, "what would I do if it was my child." I would have stopped it, but by age 28 I was an ex vet from the Viet Nam Era. I made a promise to myself that if anyone harmed my children they would be taking an eternal dirt nap.

      It would appear that Frankie would have done nothing to save her child because of her admiration of the pervert.
    • Matthew  •  Brea, United States  •  Yesterday
      It takes a special kind of coward to walk away from a child who is being molested. Well done, McQueary! Any university who hires you will only be condoning your supreme lack of character, courage, and common decency.
    • Cliff  •  Charlotte, United States  •  Yesterday
      They need to out Sanduskey in the prison yard with all the rapists and let them give him a dose of his own medicine.
    • Dan Yesterday
      When we have politicians citing "moral failure", we are in trouble.
    • nyamslmw  •  Toronto, Canada  •  Yesterday
      I dont understand how a 28 year old man could turn his back on a 10 year old getting analy raped by a grown man. I mean how can he POSSIBLY live with himself? What weak excuse for a human being.
    • grrrrrrrrrr  •  Sassamansville, United States  •  Yesterday
      McQueary was 28, 6'5" tall, a physically fit former PSU quarterback, and just ran away and called his daddy.

      I'm 28, 6'0" tall, I have a bad back and hip problems, and I would have beat the hell out of Sandusky, then called the cops and gotten them to help that poor 10 year old kid, then beat the hell out of Sandusky some more.
    • Douglas  •  San Jose, Costa Rica  •  Yesterday
      How does ANY male adult, seeing a child being sodomized, fail to tell the police? Maybe Joe should have done more than tell his superiors, but NO job is worth one's integrity. McQueary has to live with himself, and so does his father. Neither one did anything to stop it.
    • jesus preached love Yesterday
      It really should be illegal to know about child molestation and not say anything...... someone not reporting it -enabled it- sex abuse survives due to silence.....
    • CarolynL  •  Greenville, United States  •  12 hours ago
      So both Sandusky and the boy saw McQueary? Imagine how that boy felt. First, he's being raped and then another adult sees it and turns his back on him. It just blows my mind that McQueary thought it was the right thing to do to abandon that child to that monster. He should be fired like the rest of them.
    • JT  •  Watervliet, United States  •  Yesterday
      How the hell can a 28 year old man witness what McQueary witnessed and not go into that shower and beat Sandusky to a pulp!! He was 28 for gosh sakes!! Instead he calls his daddy to tell him what happened and ask what he should do. Why did his dad not tell him to immediately call the police!! Everyone that was a part of the coaching staff or administration needs to go! Those poor little boys. God help all of them.
    • Miss Cindy 9 hours ago
      I am a 5'5" female senior citizen and if I walked in on an attack of a little child, they'd have to peel me off the attacker's bruised and bleeding body. I'd rip the man's eyes out. What was McQueary thinking, for God's sake! He is a pitiful excuse for a human being, IMHO!
    • Lovely Yesterday
      McQueary's actions were NOT enough, the guy is a coward, how would he have acted if this little boy were his own son. McQueary is a POS and needs to be fired and indicted on his matter.
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