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    Police gather tips in Wash. boy's disappearance

    SEATTLE (AP) — Police in Bellevue, Wash., set up a kind of roadblock for five hours Sunday to talk to people passing the site where a missing toddler was last seen at the same time a week earlier.

    Officers, standing near a sign and a police car with flashing lights, talked to more than 20 people and gathered about a dozen new tips Sunday morning, Bellevue Police Maj. Mike Johnson told a news conference.

    It's been a week since 2-year-old Sky Metalwala disappeared from his mother's car. Police have searched the area where the child was last seen and Julia Biryukova's home and car.

    Officers also spent time at Biryukova's apartment complex Sunday hoping to find someone who remembers something about last weekend that may help them find the boy, Johnson said.

    He urged the public to keep calling in with tips.

    "That information is critical," he said.

    Johnson has acknowledged that Bellevue Police, working with law enforcement partners from around the region, have yet to get a productive lead in the case, but insists that could change at any time with some help from the public.

    He could not offer any details from the tips police gathered Sunday morning.

    Bellevue police are also talking to authorities in other cities to get advice about how they handled similar cases. Among the advice: don't get tunnel vision and check out every possibility.

    Meanwhile, after a week of phone calls and emails from The Associated Press, an attorney representing Biryukova said he didn't have anything to say to the media.

    "My office does not comment about ongoing investigations," Robert Flennaugh II wrote in an email.

    Police say Biryukova told them she was taking Sky to a hospital when the car stopped, so she left him alone in the unlocked vehicle and took his 4-year-old sister to go for gas. When she returned an hour later, she says, the boy was gone.

    The children's father spent Saturday with friends and relatives hanging up flyers around the community asking for help finding his son. He has said he does not trust Biryukova not to harm his son.

    The couple has been involved in a bitter divorce and custody battle and both have made accusations concerning the safety of their children.


    • Kaimana  •  Rye, United States  •  Yesterday
      Okay, I am not a parent, but I cannot IMAGINE FOR A SECOND that a mother (or anyone with brains) would LEAVE A 2-YR OLD LOCKED IN A CAR, and WALK AWAY. How could you even tell that to police WITH A STRAIGHT FACE?
    • Rinaldo Yesterday
      Why would you leave any 2 year old alone for an hour??? She is a lunatic.....
    • tg  •  Albany, United States  •  Yesterday
      Anybody that believes this Mom's story needs serious help!!!!
    • lol  •  Eugene, United States  •  Yesterday
      why was she taking him to the hospital. who in their right mind would leave a child alone in a car and walk off. If anything happens to him they need to charge her with accessory to it.
    • White Dove Yesterday
      You don't leave Children in a car in this day and age, and unlocked at that, Wonder what was her reason for leaving it unlocked, why did she even add that, Something sounds way wrong here, 40 years ago, I would not have left a sick child in a car, much less today. I'm 72 years old, I have a six year old Granddaughter that I still lift, 2 years old, I'd have picked her up and carried her...
    • Kimberly  •  Washington, United States  •  Yesterday
      I don't believe the boy was ever in the car that day. I think its a cover story and mom did something prior to this child. so sad to say the least.
    • chris Yesterday
      She left a two year old alone in a car on the side of the road (I assume, as it ran out of gas) for an hour or more? What the hell is wrong with this mother? Something is not right with this situation.
    • Ric  •  Panama City, Panama  •  Yesterday
      You have got to be kidding me! What kind of "mother" would leave a two year old alone in a car for an hour. I'm sure the police will look hard at the mother. Hope the youngster is OK.
    • Kari  •  Oklahoma City, United States  •  Yesterday
      I agree with Bob - something is wrong. Her story doesn't make sense. I do hope he is safe at a friend's or relative's house and not hurt in any way. I hope they find him safe. I feel sorry for the father.
    • messershmidt987 Yesterday
      who would leave a child alone in a auto to get gas? i would have taken my child with me, no matter what!, her story is full of holes and #$%$.............
    • Betty G  •  Las Vegas, United States  •  Yesterday
      why take one kid and not the other? Do the math, she is not stupid! She is pulling OFF something!
    • Linda Yesterday
      This story sounds very suspicious to me, no one would leave a 2 year old alone in an unlocked car and just walk away, I hope this story has a good ending, either way I hope the child is safe somewhere.
    • heavensangel  •  Denver, United States  •  Yesterday
      #$%$... No responsible, loving mother would take one child and leave the other, a baby no less, alone.. She's guilty of something..
    • Roxy  •  Dallas, United States  •  Yesterday
      Going to the hospital? call an ambulance, and get gas AFTER ur child is safe... come on lady
    • Darius03 Yesterday
      Any one who believes the mother's story is a whacko as she is! The investigation showed there is nothing wrong with the car and that there is enough gas in the tank.
      Know where she get the idea that she could get away with it? Casey Anthony's case! She believes that a jury would acquit her, too!
    • spinning Yesterday
      so the mom is on her way to take her son to the hospital, then decides to leave him alone in an unlocked car for an hour? other reports state that she didn't even buy gas, but phoned a friend to give her a ride back to the car. besides who in this day doesn't have a cellphone to call someone when you run out of gas? this story is full of holes, poor baby boy.
    • freedom Yesterday
      I wonder if the boy was really in the car.
    • TrueTexan  •  Salt Lake City, United States  •  Yesterday
      Something is not right with her story. She is in a custody fight with the husband who only wants the son and not their daughter. I am willing to bet someone, either, family or friend has Sky. If she is telling the truth, like the husband has said, she is off her rocker. They had to take a parenting class for leaving their children alone in a car. She can not be that #$%$ least I don't think she could be to do it again. And why would anyone leave a sick child, alone, in an unlocked car? And why only take the daughter? The child the father doesn't want custody of...I wonder if the police had time to speak to the 4 y/o. Even mine could tell them if I left her sister in the car. These people are a prime example of why some people should not breed...EVER! And her family is defending her as a good mother. PLEASE, she sucks at motherhood.
    • marcella  •  Mesquite, United States  •  Yesterday
      Who in there right mind leaves there child in the car for and hour while they leave to get children would not leave my sight, if I go they go! She is guilty!
    • bob Yesterday
      Something is very wrong here, how could you leave a sick child in a car that is unlocked. something is very wrong.
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