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    Nick Cannon Has a "Lupus Type" Autoimmune Disease

    Kidney failure. Two blood clots in his lung. Nick Cannon has endured some very serious health setbacks in the past couple months, which makes his recent decision to end his daily radio show understandable.

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    And now, the 31-year-old husband to Mariah Carey and father to her twins Moroccan and Monroe, 10 months, reveals to Us Weekly that his medical woes all stem from an "autoimmune disease . . . like a lupus type of thing, but no one else in my family has it."

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    "It's a lot of stuff," Cannon told Us, "but it's all in order now . . . I feel blessed to be alive."

    And Cannon was by his wife's side Thursday night for another happy occasion: Her first performance since giving birth to the twins back in April 2010.

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    "Do you love them babies?" she asked the crowd, dedicating "Always Be My Baby" to "Roc" and "Roe." "Cause I do!"

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    • Megan Shook  •  3 days ago
      Freaking autoimmune diseases are horrific. My mom has an untreatable, incurable autoimmune disease and it can be terrible. It doesn't matter how much fame or fortune you have, health is everything. Thoughts are with Nick Cannon and his family.
    • Just fed up!  •  3 days ago
      You know what Nick? You don't owe anyone any explanations as to the reason you were sick. It's your private matter. Just get better, buddy!
    • calichic  •  3 days ago
      get well, nick. i think you're one of the celebrities many of us are rooting for!
    • Lindy  •  Telford, Pennsylvania  •  2 days 21 hours ago
      Im 69 yo grandma and must have seen Drumline 10 times and if it comes on I'll watch it again.He is so nice! Just get well Nick.
    • memyselfandI  •  3 days ago
      Autoimmune diseases are terrible. I hope that he stays healthy. My aunt is studying/researching lupus and trying to find a cure for it, and from whats she has told me about these types of diseases I would not wish them on my worst enemy. Best wishes to you Nick.
    • Tamitha Walker  •  Chicago, Illinois  •  3 days ago
      god bless u nick believe and u will be alrt love u and your wife u both are good people i will keep u in my prayers
    • In Your Face Gospel  •  San Diego, California  •  2 days 20 hours ago
      May God bless you with good health and long life.
    • Yolanda F  •  Arlington, Virginia  •  2 days 21 hours ago
      Nick, I'm rooting for you!
    • Alicia  •  Tampa, Florida  •  3 days ago
      hope you stupid people that are talking bad about nick cannon don't get sick. that's what is wrong with this world people take something bad that happens to someone and makes it worse he's just like us he has health promblems just because he has money and a wife that has money doesn't make him not have promblems. nick , mariah and roc and roe your in my prayers and everything will be ok i hope....
    • Robin  •  Seneca, Missouri  •  2 days 21 hours ago
      Nick, I hope you feel better. I know I did when I finally got a diagnosis. Lupus is not fun can be lived with. You have beautiful babies and a long life ahead of you.
    • Joan C  •  Southfield, Michigan  •  2 days 18 hours ago
      hang in there Nick, I have a similar condition. Believe me you will have good days and days that you just don't feel right. Get plenty of rest, avoid the sun, I hope you will be well enough to return to America's got Talent one of my favorite shows.
    • iking  •  Los Angeles, California  •  3 days ago
      good kid, this Nick Canon...
      hope you get well..
    • iusedtobeslim  •  2 days 19 hours ago
      Hoping you continue to recover.
    • tillie  •  Cleveland, Ohio  •  3 days ago
      Prayers Prayers Prayers
    • BigBill  •  Wallingford, Connecticut  •  3 days ago
      Nick Cannon is an awesome dude and i pray and hope he gets better. He is a real guy not a phoney like some are and he is down to earth too.
    • PNKAA  •  Dayton, Texas  •  2 days 21 hours ago
    • V  •  Tampa, Florida  •  2 days 22 hours ago
      We love you, Nick. Take good care of're special.
    • Renee  •  3 days ago
      =( I know how rotten auto immune disease is. I feel for the guy. I hope he gets it under control and he feels better. Those kiddos need their daddy.
    • dawne  •  San Diego, California  •  2 days 23 hours ago
      My brother-in-law, Tre Boogie, works with Nick and NCredible. I've never met Nick or Mariah personally, but they seem to be really cool people, and the folks in my family that know them love them. I hope that you get well and stay well, because you, Mariah and Dem Babies surely have a future full of love and laughter ahead of you all. Godspeed, and God bless. :o)
    • honesty  •  Chambersburg, Pennsylvania  •  3 days ago
      Nick hoping you make a complete recovery and have a long, healthy and happy life.