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Oil and gas field service companies face unique challenges in administrative and accounting operations. Industry demands require more labor and consume a higher than optimal share of field service operating profits. With Computer Business Solutions’ modules made specifically for oil and gas field service providers, operations can run them independent from accounting, or included with the leading accounting / ERP solution in as a all-in-one solution, specifically designed for:

Improving the performance of Oil and Gas Field Service companies.

The software can work independently, connected to other ERP software, or as modules within industry leading Microsoft Dynamics NAV Accounting, ERP, Inventory, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Fixed Assets, Assembly, and CRM. Optional Manufacturing and Payroll modules.

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    Capture any information in the field.
    Compatible with Android, Windows, Apple devices.
    Works both when connected and in off-line mode.
    Synchronizes to central database.
    Integrates with other databases or ERPs.


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Performance enhancements are primarily achieved by:
  • Simplifying deployment while maximizing utilization of equipment, tools, rentals, & crews.
  • Providing visibility to profitability and statistics by equipment, service, or any part of the business.
  • Reducing maintenance costs and returning trucks and equipment back to service faster.
  • Enabling back office to handle more volume with less staff or overtime, reducing admin cost.
  • Enabling electronic entry of field tickets at the job site with automatic invoice generation.
See Equipment, Inventory, and Crew Availability by location or well.
  • Record and see availability of equipment and inventory across multiple yards or well sites.
  • Replace manual Dispatch Boards with interactive screens showing the status of service orders and the tools, equipment, inventory, and personnel needed to fulfill the job.
  • Record movement of equipment assets and the length of time of each at a well site or location.
  • Quickly see profitability and utilization of each piece of equipment and personnel if desired.
  • Keep perpetual, detailed history of all movement, usage, profitability, and statistics.
Streamline Ticketing, Pricing, and Billing. Reduce admin labor hours and speed cash flow.
  • Enter service tickets and invoices onto a single screen, speeding entry.
  • Easily comply with operator specific billing requirements with Site/Lease/Well/Rig/AFE information.
  • Reduce delays in the invoice approval process with increased billing accuracy from operator specific contract pricing.
  • Invoices for a specific service or vehicle can automatically assign related equipment and crews.
  • Invoicing for equipment by date range can suggestively populate crew time and feed payroll.
  • Help ensure all normally accepted charges are billed during invoice processing.
  • Track profitability by line of business, vehicle, equipment, crew, operator, well, job, etc.
  • Speed cash flow by (optionally) electronically capturing field ticket information in the field and transferring to billing department.
Efficiently handle Equipment Rental and Reservations
  • Reserve equipment by day, week, month, date range, or hour.
  • Immediately see availability by specific category, and by individual rental asset.
  • Offer flexible rental terms dayrate, weekly, monthly, hourly, or other intervals.
  • Customer specific contract pricing ensures billing accuracy.
  • Instantly view the availability of equipment assets, consumables, and personnel.
  • Optionally integrated with the Fixed Assets module, sales of rental equipment can automatically dispose the rental asset.


Key Modules in Oilfield Suite (Some may be licensed separately)

Equipment Availability & Deployment Personnel & Crew Assignment
Quoting & Estimating Rental Management
Field Tickets / Billing Fixed Assets
Purchasing Inventory Management
Contract Pricing Contact Relationship Management (CRM) Lite
Accounting Human Resources

Additional Modules

Preventive Maintenance & Repair Dispatch Board
Electronic Field Tickets Interface to External Accounting
CRM Advanced Warehouse Management
Payroll or Interface to External P/R Manufacturing
Multi-language Customizations for unique needs


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