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Livermore, CA

Beverley Byrd helped us through our green card process. She is very knowledge about current immigration laws and issues that were applicable to our green car situation. Beverley helped us with sorting through past visas to make a smooth transfer visa to green card. It was also so helpful that Beverley is with you through the process. Not just the filing but even through the interview. I was a great comfort to have her accompanied us to the green card interview, making a nerve racking situation much easier. She also asked the interviewer questions for us and let us know the reasoning behind everything that happened during the interview. Beverley is a great attorney and my wife and I would recommend her highly.


Was in deportation status and was worried about it as it was a difficult case for me. Beverly was always professional and had friendly staff. Everything went smoothly and I  am now good for many years to come to enjoy with my family. Thank you again and hopefully I won't need your services again haha :)



Amazing immigration lawyer

Posted by: Rocio, a Immigration client

She is a great attorney that was able make a difference in my life. She helped me tremendously with my green card procedures in a timely way. I would definitely recommend her to any one that needs immigration legal help.

Beverly Byrd, immigration attorney you can trust

Posted by: Mele, a Immigration client

My family and I found Beverly Byrd in the phone book and ever since the first phone call we made to her office, we have kept Beverly Byrd as our immigration attorney. She has helped my aunties and uncles with getting their green cards and they are very happy now to be Permanent Residents of the U.S. During the process, Beverly Byrd kept us informed and explained everything we needed to know and what we didn't understand. She is very trustworthy and works above and beyond for her clients. We have used Beverly Byrd and associates ever since then and we will keep her as long as she is in the practice. She is an exceptional human being and the things that she does on her own time just to help her clients makes her the amazing person that she is.

Knowledgeable, competent and honest immigration lawyer

Posted by: Shiva, a Immigration client

I had a very strange and complicated immigration case because of my previous lawyer’s negligence and as a result, I was in removal proceedings. My husband and I looked for a knowledgeable, competent and honest lawyer and after thorough research we finally hired Miss Beverly Byrd to represent us. She was really honest and realistic about expectations, filing process, court procedures and timelines. She was able to reopen my case based ineffective assistance of counsel and also bring my case over to San Francisco immigration court where she represented me. We finally won our case in that court because of her expertise and hard work and I obtained permanent residency.
Both my husband and I trusted Beverly with my immigration case which was the most significant event in our lives and it definitely paid off. She treated us like family and always stayed on top of our case and comforted us when at time we were lost and disappointed. She kept us informed at all times and was in constant communication with us during the whole process. She also worked out a payment plan with us which helped us pay her fees during the time she represented and won our case.

Petition for Spouse

Posted by: a Immigration client

We retained Beverly for an immigration issue. We saw her newspaper ad and called for a consultation. We found Beverly to be very warm and comfortable to speak with.
She was thorough in explaining how the filing process would work and how long it would take. Both Beverly and her assistant Banesa, were speedy in answering any questions we had regarding filling out any documents. They were efficient in letting us know when any filings were made, and would follow-up to make sure we received our needed documents. Five months later we were notified of our initial interview, which Beverly was present for. Within a month, my husband recieved his permanent resident card. Thanks to Beverly and Banesa, the entire filing was completed without any delays in 6 months. I am so happy that we found Beverly. It is definitely worth the price to feel assured someone like her is handling your case.

amazing immigation lawyer

Posted by: a Immigration client

Great Lawyers are definitely hard to find now a days but definitely Attorney Byrd is one of them. We have had a situtation that has gone on for years but until now it was solved due to the help of Attorney Byrd. We are thankful for her help and how she went about things. We stated our case and she simply got to the point on what we needed to do and the process we needed to take and from then on things went very smoothly. Overall after all the different lawyers we have encountered Attorney Byrd was simply the best and would definitely highly recommend her to anyone who is dealing with immigration matters.

An exceptional defender

Posted by: a client

My father was in a desperate situation. His previous lawyer had dropped the ball and jeopardized his case. However, Beverly fought the case like a champ. She wouldn't let go, even whilst pushing the judge. She was not afraid, but kept up the intensity for her client.
She got the job done when others couldn't. Her performance was admirable. In short, she was exceptional.

Deportation and green card

Posted by: Ariadna, a Immigration client

WWe hired Mrs. Beverly about a year ago. I was in deportation proceedings and our lawyer guided us throughout the whole process She was always on time to our appointments and court hearings. It was a hard case but and the end she helped me getting my green card. My husband and I are very thankful for her service. We truly recommend her to anybody. She has reasonable price you won't regret hiring her.

Imigration support for my wife.

Posted by: Dave, a Immigration client

Beverly does an excellent job in representing me and my wife during our imigration process. Very responsive to email. Knowlegable support staff.

greatest lawyer

Posted by: Milen, a Immigration client

IIf I ever need a lawyer, Beverly Byrd is the first person that comes to mind. She is professional,knowledgeable and highly experienced. Beverly helped me twice with immigration issues and I must say that I was very pleased.She informed me about everything that could happen with the case,all the possible outcomes and solutions,which made me feel really comfortable and well taken care of. The zeal and passion that she throws into every single case deserves the highest commendation! With Beverly,you don't feel like just another client,but more like family. Thank you,Beverly!


Beverly is an outstanding Attorney to
have for your Immigration needs! She listened to all of my questions and had an answer for each question. She also gave me a great price for her services.. I highly recommend Beverly and I would use her services again if needed..


Beverly Byrd took us through the green
card application process smoothly. She patiently answered all our questions with clarity and honesty, and she made the whole thing seem easy. She is a great attorney, well up to date on procedures and processes. She is extremely professional and also very personable, making us feel very comfortable and confident. I would highly recommend her and would not hesitate to use her again - in fact I wouldn't even consider another attorney. She's the best!


Mrs. Byrd is an excellent immigration
attorney. my wife is from India and we needed help securing her green card. throughout the process, she answered our questions promptly, helped us fill out the requisite forms, and provided the support we needed in the days before our hearing. during the interview itself, she was quite tactful in her steering of the conversation; there was a moment where my tendency to talk too much was leading us in to topics we wanted to avoid, and she subtly headed me off, without alerting the officer. It really was one of those moments that prove that hiring a good attorney is a necessary expense in dealing with the government. further, in the several meetings we had, she managed to keep a nice balance between friendly interaction and professionalism. I recommend Beverly Byrd to anyone looking for legal help, you won't be disappointed.


I'm thrilled to have this opportunity
to express my gratitude for all that Mrs. Byrd did for me; thank her professional services, right now I'm legally on this beautiful country. I have been represented by Mrs. Byrd for a little over 2 years and I am very pleased. Not only because Mrs. is an excellent immigration attorney, or because she explains it in an easy to understand language while being extremely personable and always adding a great sense of humor, but because I have been getting all the results I expected. Mrs. Byrd keeps me informed of all developments and insists to call her with any possible questions. I always know that Mrs. Byrd will return all of my calls and will answer all of my questions. Mrs. Byrd was on top of my case and she never surprised me with hidden fees. I felt lucky to have her as my attorney. For these and many more reasons, I would strongly recommend her professional services to anyone. Sincerely, Sal Andrade

by arturo
I highly recommend Attorney Byrd to all people who needs help in immigration. Attorney Byrd helped me to be a permanent resident and recently also with my citizenship. thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my family

take care and hope best for you and your family.

I highly recommend Attorney Byrd to all people who needs help in immigration. Attorney Byrd helped me to be a US Citizen although I had problem with my criminal record, she also process my petiton to my wife and she got her green card without any problem. She is very professional Attorney and also have a friendly staff.
God Bless Attorney Byrd and Thank You so much.
Honorio Blanco

I found Beverly byrd as a very professional and cooprating person. And I would love to appriciate her associates as well, they are so friendly, helpful and competent.I am her client and I would highly recommend her and her company to many in future.

May God bless you and your family.
Susheel, Pakistan.

by Brenda
very good firm care for there clients ms. beverly byrd is a very professional immigration attorney and could help you alot in your immigration needs. so i recommend this firm alot.

by Phil
"Atty. Beverly is a topnotch Immigration lawyer. She is very aggressive to win your case. She guides you into a bright light to open a door of american dream.

She is highly recommended to serve and your family. She is well family oriented lady. We are so blessed to have an attorney like her to serve the people in the United States and handle my case.

Atty. Byrd is carrying a highest level of professionalism, expertise, commitment, care, love and strength. She can make your case a strong and strive to win.

We have been thru to different Attys. and the only people you can only speak when you have any questions are their paralegal. Atty. Byrd is reachable by emails, phone calls and even text. She contacts you directly for any updates and needs. Not only this, she reaches her clients to give comfort, advise, motivation and strong support. She will keep you up when you are down.

Atty. Byrd, thank you very much for your hardwork, dedication and motivation. You are number in our hearts!

We love you and keep up your greatest work!

God bless you and your family!"

by Leah
Would highly recommend Atty. Beverly Byrd for immigration issues. She is very intelligent and hands on lawyer. She returns your call within 24 hr period. She is very straight forward and most of all understands family values. I got my green card without any problem and she was there during my interview at the USCIS office. A very friendly, honest, intelligent, and excellent lawyer. She's fabulously wonderful.

by Pablo S
I had a relative petition pending for 12 years, USCIS claimed they misplaced my petition and had me going back and forward, when I contacted Beverly Byrd, after a consultation she helped me with my case and 3 months later I heard from USCIS and my petition was processed. They were very courteous and helpful ad even took care of my case with me being overseas and just sent them a power of attorney.

by conrad
I very highly recommend Atty B.Byrd for those who needs immigration assistance. She got my attention immediately the first time I saw her adds with prices on each services and that's because it's the first time I saw an immigration lawyer posted a thing. She's very transparent and straight forward on her adds so needless to say I came prepared when I first met her and as I expected there is no other financial surprises. She's a very hands on lawyer, intelligent indeed, knows the in's and out of immigration and will keep you updated for every developments. So take it from my own experience, me & my wife should have waited more years for our G-card if not for Atty. Byrd. I honestly believe she has the heart and a conviction to help those who are in need. She was like a Godsend to us.

by CC
My husband and I hired Ms. Byrd almost 6 years ago to help us file for my green card. We had little knowledge concerning the laws and procedures. Ms. Byrd helped me file my forms in order to get a work permit, social number and green card. She walked us through it all and was present with us on our interview day. Her guidance and high experience were of great help. She is a very knowledgeable and helpful. We highly recommend Ms. Byrd for all immigration issues.

I highly recommend Attorney Byrd. I hired her to help me and my husband with our green card. She did an excellent job and helped me get my conditional green card. When it came time to file for a permanent card, we felt that it was easy and tried to do it on our own, but filed the wrong form! By the time that we realized that we had filed the wrong form, USCIS had terminated my permanent residency and placed me in deportation proceedings! We went back to Attorney Byrd and she filed the right form, got it approved and got me out of deportation proceedings. We shoud have gone back to her in the first place. She is an wonderful attorney, very knowledgeable and very nice. If you need immigration services, definitely use her.