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Ads in the Yahoo! homepage newsfeed

Several types of ads may appear in the newsfeed, all using a shaded background and the AdChoices  logo.

Types of ads

  • Article or blog promotions
    • Labeled “Promoted by,” “Presented by” or similar text.
    • Appears with the name of the advertiser promoting the link.
  • Sponsored links to content
    • Labeled “Sponsored Content: (advertiser name).”
  • Links to websites with information about products or services
    • Labeled “Sponsored” or similar text.
    • Appears with the advertiser’s name.

How ads are selected for display

  • Relevance to your interests and articles/blogs that you read and videos that you view on Yahoo!.
  • Ads that are popular among people with your interests.
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Last updated: August 01, 2013