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Safe baby products for happy healthy kids!

As companies aim to lower costs in producing their products, they often lose sight of safety. Baby items made from petroleum-based plastics containing BPA or toys with paint found to contain lead have been in the headlines recently. There are products out there which are much safer for baby and are also good for the planet, and many of them can be found here on eBay.

Green Team Talks

Easy, Green, Organic: Anna Getty's Crunchy Apple Cabbage Slaw

Being German, I have always been a fan of cole slaw and sauer kraut. Last winter I actually purchased a crock pot and gave-it-a-go at making my own fermented sauer kraut. My Russian artist friend...

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Decked out for the Holidays

I relish the holidays and all of the opportunities for celebration that they bring. If you don’t already have a flattering black dress, it’s time! I found dozens on eBay in every price range. One...

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Patagonia + eBay: One Year Later

A little over a year ago we stood with our friends at Patagonia to announce the Patagonia Common Threads Initiative + eBay storefront. By keeping existing, well-functioning Patagonia products in ...

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