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    Bachmann insists harsh interrogations be restored

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is accusing the Obama administration of committing "strategic blunders" that have hampered U.S. efforts to combat terrorism.

    Bachmann concedes that President Barack Obama achieved a "tactical" success in bringing down al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden and in taking out some of his cohorts in drone attacks.

    But she tells NBC's "Meet the Press" that Obama "is allowing the ACLU to run the CIA," complaining that it was wrong to ban waterboarding.

    Bachmann argued in Saturday night's foreign policy debate for reinstituting waterboarding. She said the intelligence community has been deprived of the ability it once had to get vital information from detainees in the war against terrorism. The Minnesota congresswoman said Gauntanamo isn't a long-term solution and that "we have no jails for terrorists."



    • Sergeant Shultz  •  Perris, United States  •  Yesterday
      Whatever happened to American Exceptionalism? All these candidates seem to want to bring us down to the lowest common denominator with the rest of the world - start torturing like terrorists, lower our environmental standards to China's, Patriot Act spying on citizens like Iran, attack science like the Taliban, wage inequality and low wages like Mexico, Military overspending like the old USSR, on your own for healthcare like some third world country, etc. Remember when we led the world to the highest common denominator and the middle class was the example to the world?
    • Paul  •  Kalamazoo, United States  •  Yesterday
      She must be talking to herself, because according to the polls, no one else is listening.
    • Manfred Yesterday
      As a non-religious person, I admit I am confused by this: Is this just Bachmann's view, or do most purported Christians endorse torture? I may be mis-informed, but that seems like the sort of thing Jesus might have been against, rather than for. Any religious scholars want to set me right?
    • Jim Yesterday
      What happened to the Republican party? Eisenhower,Dirksen and even Nixon are turning over in their graves. What a group of small minded hate filled people that now represent the G.O.P.
    • art  •  Eugene, United States  •  Yesterday
      I was a Marine, and one of the things we as Marines, and as a nation have prided ourselves in is that we do not torture. When you wrap a man's head in Saran wrap, so that he cannot breathe through his nose, then punch a quarter sized hole where his mouth is, then start pouring water into his mouth so that he has to breathe in water to live- What is that? What has happened to us as a nation when we have major political figures who find this moral? Bachman and Cheney believe its not torture unless you do it until the victim has "organ failure". Cheney got 5 college deferments, never served and Bachman also was never in the military. When Waterboarding is acceptable, any moral superiority that the US has claimed becomes a joke. and is gone period. Who chooses who gets water boarded. Bachman or is it an enlisted guy in Aphganistan, or is it a local cop who thinks he may have just arrested a child molester? What has happened to the "Moral Majority", the so called "Christian Right"? They seem to love the idea of waterboarding and make no moral distinction regarding it. Bamboo slivers driven under the fingernails is also a good "interrogation technique" Cheney would call it "Enhanced Interrogation". Its like calling an atomic bomb a "fireworks display".
      I am 69 and for the first time I am afraid of what can happen in our politics. You have Cain and Perry each of which have said that God called them to be president. Then you have this crazy born again Evangelical who wants to lead us in her version of the bible.

      Crazy fanatical Evangelicals and Born Agains will lead us right into war with the Muslim World. . And why, well to fulfill God's promise to the Israelites, that they will have the land that we call the West Bank but that they call Sumaria and Judea. Don't let these crazies with their dreams and hopes and belief that the rapture and Armageddon will come as soon as prophesy is fulfilled have anything to do with foreign policy or diplomacy.
    • Joseph E  •  Wichita, United States  •  Yesterday
      a 'christian' who supports torture for information. Is there any doubt why so many are turning away from the church?
    • Shirley  •  Blue Earth, United States  •  Yesterday
      And Bachman calls herself a christian?
    • Brian N Yesterday
      I say we waterboard the Repubs at their next debate; make them tell the truth!!!!!!
    • Mark  •  Los Angeles, United States  •  Yesterday
      if she wants to bring back torture, why not force prisoners to watch some of her ditzy press conferences? They'd spill their guts in less than a minute.
    • Brandon Yesterday
      It's only a matter of time before Citizens in our own country are labeled as "enemy combatants" and taken away to secret interrogation sites. ?The Corporations that run our Government will have to address the Occupy Movement one day and I fear it will end in violence. The Republicans and Democrats will both join in the fight to "save America" by destroying our freedoms and gutting the Constitution. God save us from the evil that lies within our own land.
    • Kenmandu Yesterday
      Bachmann is already to torturing Americans with the fear that she'd become president and we'd have to hear her ravings on TV for four years.
    • micky Yesterday
      How about she gets interrogated first?
    • Argle Yesterday
      She's a lunatic.
    • eye spy Yesterday
      This woman is desperate and out of control. Is she seeking support from the Nazi party?
    • patricia  •  Pleasanton, United States  •  Yesterday
      Nothing like good Christian ethics than promoting torture!
    • Ray H  •  Houston, United States  •  Yesterday
      I knew she was crazy when she thought her husband was straight...
    • Mark Yesterday
      "Bachmann concedes that President Barack Obama achieved a "tactical" success in bringing down al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden"...I assume the Bush administration suffered a Tactical Failure, when it attacked a country that wasn't a threat to Europe, much less our Country and had NOTHING to do with 9/11. Perhaps she could go to Arlington Cemetery and justify the 4,500 dead American hero's that died for Oil and Haliburton.
    • SS-N-19 Shipwreck Yesterday
      Mitt Romney said that if he were president; Iran would not get a nuclear weapon. He must think americans are stupid already. Iran will get the bomb no matter what or who is in the White House. Mitt Romney I know you can come up with something more imaginative than that. Truth has it that Obama has been a very successful president in the war against terrior. Obama has taken the war to new hights; killing more terriorist at less cost. Watch out man
    • Super Food  •  Mission, United States  •  Yesterday
      Bachmann is ONLY trying to look tough. She is really ONLY an Air-Head!!!
    • Mad Dog 1 Yesterday
      What a good Christian
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