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3D Medical Animation 

Medical animations created by Tres 3D a Medical Scientific Visualization Studio, creates method of action animated medical animations for some of the largest pharmaceutical, device and biotechnology companies. We have provided 3D medical animation work for companies like Johnson & Johnson, Biogen IdecGlaxo Smith Kline, Astella, Novartis and Unilever to name a few. Our industry clients and work speak volumes of our professionalism and superior computer 3d medical animation. We specialize in MOA (Method of Action videos). From idea to conception Tres3d will produce stunning computer 3d medical animations all in house including 3d holographic projection. Medical Visualization Specialists are utilized on each Method of Action Video (MOA) and Medical Scientific Visualization.  We produce Custom 3d medical iphone games, medical ipad games and wii video games.

Our Latest Fun Medical Video Game  :Dr Nano X: on the App Store 

3D Medical Animations Studio provides:

OEMs can use to develop models for products. Capabilities include mechanism of action, liquid simulations, holographic projection , flash and product simulations. Additional Services include computer-aided design (CAD) conversions, Specialized Video Encoding, SFX, Video Game Development, and Motion Graphics.

Recently Featured In Healthcare Communication and Marketing Association Catalyst Publication: HOW 3d medical animated (MOAs) can change your delivery (medical scientific visualization)
The Visual Truth : "The average person watches 4 hours and 35 minutes of television each day" (USAToday) people are just more visual these days they want their information fast and through a visual media. Attention spans are minimal at best, informing and entertaining are key ingredients to any presentation or sales pitch. 3D medical method of action videos (MOA's) is the solution delivering stunning visuals while educating at the same time.

How prevalent are 3d medical animations:

In regards to the health care communication community. Trying to create a MOA (Method of Action video) of any type is almost impossible without some form of medical scientific visualization animation.

This is even more of the case when pertaining to health care communication and education companies. 3d medical animation is becoming more of a "have to have it" then a "add in" when trying to convey a clear message. Health care companies having been exposed to high quality 3d medical scientific visualization on the promotional side are now looking for more of the same on the educational side. What better way is there to showcase the function of a pharmaceutical product or a medical animation process than in a 3d scientific medical visualization animation MOA. mechanism of action videos can be repurposed for an array of projects; descriptive examples during a live presentation, trade shows, kiosk, websites, promotional mail outs and sales aids. Companies are now even requesting MOAs for print. Utilizing the same principals as a 3d medical animated MOA, prints are laid out next to each other, showing off the process.

Water cooler talk concerning grant approval: "I'm tired of seeing the same old power point presentations" "Companies should submit something more visually appealing" "3d medical animation and scientific visualization imagery would stop me from falling asleep"

Creating an Method of action video (Medical Scientific Visualization) isn't as hard as you think: Most medical education and communication companies shy away from taking on or adding computer generated scientific medical visualization to their grant request because they don't know what it entails. Most are out of their comfort zone when the thought of 3d medical animation is brought up. Surprisingly the process is relatively simple when dealing with a reputable animation company. A simple bullet point script of the overview of the project and that should start to ball rolling. From there the storyboard is created and the medical scientific visualizations / 3d medical animations are created. Once the approval of the medical storyboard and models the medical animation process begins. Getting approval of each medical animation stage allows the studio and the client to comfortably be on the same page throughout the process.

"We have been submitting grants the same way for years why change?" Embracing this technology will keep you at the top of your game. Becoming involved in the medium from the beginning is the key. The industry will demand 3d medical animation / 3d medical scientific visualization it at some point. 

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