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    • coastieranger  •  Indianapolis, Indiana  •  1 day 4 hours ago
      where the hell is back to the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my favorite.
    • masterd  •  2 days 14 hours ago
      What about Back to the future and the Mad Max series ???
    • Cyclonus  •  Millersville, Pennsylvania  •  1 day 18 hours ago
      You can't go by just the money the movies made. Since tickets have not stayed the same. You have to go by how many tickets were sold.
    • Collin  •  Seattle, Washington  •  7 hours ago
      this list is absolute Indiana Jones, Godfather, or Back to the Future??!! Epic failure again yahoo!!! you people are complete tools
    • Buck  •  Chicago, Illinois  •  21 hours ago
      Who made this list, a bunch of kids? So many other trilogies are missing as I am reminded by others. These "listers" are idiots!
    • Shinigami  •  Austin, Texas  •  21 hours ago
      I agree.. One thing i found interesting in all those that are listed is the $460 mill Star Wars brought in during 1977.. I mean really in 1977.. A lot of these highly liked movies that are more recent still don't make that much. That goes to show that movie was way ahead of its time.
    • Amber  •  Stockton, California  •  1 day 5 hours ago
      wheres BACK TO THE FUTURE!?!?!?!! (MY FAV. MOVIE EVER)
    • [email protected]  •  Midlothian, Virginia  •  1 day 6 hours ago
      lord of the rings. back to the future. Harry Potter for overall franchise. Did Iike the new star wars. Was never really into all of that tho. Pirates got weird but Ive seen them all. Last one wasnt bad and the second one need help. But yeah those are my choices. Oh yeah Underworld has to be in there.They did a prequel for the trilogy and Awakening was was pretty good.
    • Charlie Harper  •  Charleston, West Virginia  •  1 day 10 hours ago
      Why is Back To The Future not on here? Three of my all time favorite movies. The reason I've wanted a Delorean since I was like 10. Lol.
    • bart  •  1 day 5 hours ago
    • Thomas  •  12 hours ago
      Using non-adjusted domestic gross is an injustice to older great trilogies. The fact that this list leaves both the Godfather movies and Back to the Future off explains a lot. That a trilogy can get 29 Oscar nominations, win 9 and still not make your top 10 makes this list a fraud. Oh, and by the way, since there are SIX Star Wars movies, how can they make the list if you're not including franchises with more than 3 movies? And the fact that they came out in sets of three is not a justification, they're all connected.
    • Donna T  •  Scranton, Pennsylvania  •  12 hours ago
      wheres harry potter movies
    • SeperateWalk69  •  Branson, Missouri  •  20 hours ago
      It HAS 2b the Stars Wars Trilogy...absolutely Has 2b...
    • RobertPGH1981  •  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  •  21 hours ago
      Why isn't Shrek on this list I think all three will add up to around 750 million on IMDB.
    • Narwhals  •  1 day 3 hours ago
      How did Alvin and the GAY chipmunks get there?
    • Mike  •  18 days ago
      Where's the Back to the Future Trilogy? $957,587,347.
    • Lowell  •  8 days ago
      I love the main photo they chose to illustrate this article. Because it literally contains my 3 favorite trilogies! Star Wars, Toy Story, and Lord of the Rings!
    • Lucio  •  Las Vegas, Nevada  •  1 day 4 hours ago
      The only trilogies that counts " THE GODFATHER)
    • James J  •  Temple, Texas  •  11 hours ago
      I love starwars!
    • Jen  •  Edmonton, Canada  •  18 days ago
      It's amazing how many people don't understand that a trilogy means THREE.

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