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    Ex-Porn Star Reads to School Kids

    Former porn star Sasha Grey took her talents a less adult audience by visiting Emerson Elementary School and reading a book to students, which caused the school to receive several complaints and at first deny Grey’s visit, TMZ reported.

    “We have several celebrities who read to our students each year,” a spokesperson for the school told TMZ. “The actress you indicated was not present.”

    But photographs uncovered by the entertainment website and a tweet by the actress told a different story.

    “Spent the am with Read Across America Compton, reading to the sweetest 1st and 3rd grade students @ Emerson Elementary,” Grey tweeted.

    A spokesperson for Read Across America told that Grey was not affiliated with the program.

    Grey responded to the backlash from her visit Friday by telling the entertainment site:  “I believe education is a universal right. I committed to this program with the understanding that people would have their own opinions about what I have done, who I am and what I represent.”

    The ex-porn star, who made her last adult film two years ago, most recently appeared on the television series “Entourage” playing herself.

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    • Dick  •  Springfield, United States  •  Yesterday
      Funny, how did the parents know who she was?....
    • legalize420 Yesterday
      I'd rather have an ex-porn star than Coach Sandusky around my kids
    • Dave Z.  •  Gainesville, United States  •  2 days ago
      Better her than Snooki...
    • jonasc  •  Tampa, United States  •  2 days ago
      What's worse? An Ex-Porn star or a sitting politician???
    • nathan r  •  Los Angeles, United States  •  2 days ago
      Why don't some of those parents who are talking #$%$ go and read to those kids.
    • Ninja 2 days ago
      I'm confused. Did she show up naked? What's the problem here? Do the kids know who she is or what's she's done or something? Weird.
    • Kevin W 2 days ago
      Someone taking time out of their day to read to children?....Can't say I have an issue. If you're afraid that your kids will find out what she DID, maybe try being a parent and keeping an eye on them.
    • Jimmy Z  •  Baltimore, United States  •  2 days ago
      Have any of the complainers visited a school in a poor neighborhood to volunteer their time to kids?
    • the great husky  •  Baltimore, United States  •  2 days ago
      i don't understand she reads to the kids... so did she do something wrong..
    • Joe Ker  •  Boulder, United States  •  2 days ago
      I wonder how many father's protesting have one of her flicks in their "stash?"
    • Trinity  •  Warwick, United States  •  2 days ago
      If she is dressed appropriately, and respects the he situation, I doubt very much 1st and 3rd graders would know who she is or what she does. I say kudos to her.
    • Bsaid  •  Denver, United States  •  Yesterday
      Too funny: Statistics shows that most of those who on the board and parents who "disapproved" watch porn at least once a week. come they even know "who" she is? Hummmmm LOL
      She is a far better choice than the Kardashians or Lohan or.....most other Hollywood stars.
      Cracks me up...people act so innocent on the outside...shocked..that a inactive porn start has talen and provides community service and.then they go home, watch porn or create thier own sex videos. This country is filled with PC liars!
    • NDNgirl4ever 2 days ago
      Most likely, the kids had no idea who she is. She didn't do anything inappropriate at the school, so I don't see the problem. I say more power to her for encouraging kids to read!
    • Go Figure!  •  Halethorpe, United States  •  2 days ago
      She is a former porn star turned regular actress! 1st and 3rd graders wouldn't know who she is. She wasn't a child sex affender and she was donating her time to read to children. As long as she wasn't reading any of her old scripts!!! I mean we have had politicians and actors go and d things at schols - and they are the biggest scumbags ever - a FORMER porn-star is an upgrade over some of the guests that some schools bring in!!!
    • daniel y  •  Hemet, United States  •  2 days ago
      Unless the woman was introduced as "Pornstar" Sasha Grey, how would the 1st and 3rd graders know. On a second note how would they know what a porn star is?
    • Michael  •  Syracuse, United States  •  Yesterday
      What a joke. Susan Saranden, Sharon Stone, and many more have had sex on the big screen with multiple different actors and they are role models who read for the children in cartoon or animated movies, and this is so nice, and no one complains. What is the difference here?
    • nela 2 days ago
      Well the kids did not know who she was but now with the big fuss the parents made is for sure they will .
    • Dax 2 days ago
      What is the first word of this article? FORMER. You people who object to this need to A) Get over it and B) Get a life. She was reading a kids book to kids, while dressed like every other person in the world. Now, if YOUR KID knows who "Sasha Grey" *was*, then I blame YOU for not watching your kid and letting them watch porn or introducing them to it. She is a normal person. Get over it.
    • Scotty  •  Kansas City, United States  •  2 days ago
      Individuals are smart, people are stupid.
    • mamaev1  •  San Jose, United States  •  2 days ago
      Unless she is showing them porn or reading them pornographic material then who cares? Like any first or third grader would have any clue who she is!
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