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    • Karen  •  Kansas City, Missouri  •  2 days 1 hour ago
      That is a ridiculous outfit!
    • Richard  •  Kailua Kona, Hawaii  •  1 day 5 hours ago
      Is this why it's called OMG!?
    • fuzz  •  Branford, Connecticut  •  1 day 6 hours ago
      Such a beautiful girl, such a mess of hair. So sick of this look on her.
    • Michael  •  Saginaw, Michigan  •  2 days 19 hours ago
      I don't get it, Katy Perry is actually very pretty, but she continuously makes herself look horrific. Why does she uglify herself on purpose?
    • Toofast4u  •  Westfield, Massachusetts  •  2 days 1 hour ago
      Looks like she is wearing Granny panties
    • Glenn  •  2 days 22 hours ago
      Is she a Smurfette?
    • Realitycheck  •  1 day 9 hours ago
    • Mooooochelle  •  1 day 9 hours ago
      She married Russell Brand, so you know her elevator does not go to the top floor.
    • DavidR  •  Fort Worth, Texas  •  2 days 0 hours ago
      What is with that awful blue hair?
    • Kevin  •  2 days 20 hours ago
      Has anyone other than me had like no Yahoo comment access the whole day? And Katy Perry can atleast sing compared to that fruitcake Nicki Minaj.
    • Bakerman  •  Youngstown, Ohio  •  22 hours ago
      I still love her.She got 4444 comments. Who's laughing now.
    • JenkPac  •  2 days 22 hours ago
      Yuck granny panties.
    • WP  •  1 day 5 hours ago
      And her hair isn't bizarre???
    • Disgruntled  •  1 day 9 hours ago
      OK, I don't love the outfit but I'm distracted by the blue hair and the unflattering overly done eye makeup that makes her eyes look too close together.
    • Hugh  •  Columbus, Ohio  •  1 day 9 hours ago
      I like it but wonder what would happenif she cut one after lunch and discovered it was a little moist? Would that ruin the look....or enhance it?
    • cackywon  •  Sacramento, California  •  1 day 16 hours ago
      This chick is bizzaro...
    • Covers  •  5 hours ago
      I keep returning to this article and photo. Does that mean I'm in love, or is it just a brief pop tart thing?
    • Jon  •  1 day 18 hours ago
      Totally NOT attractive. I'm really getting sick of this ditz
    • Dave  •  22 hours ago
      Nice breastsesses.....
    • drew  •  Santa Barbara, California  •  22 hours ago
      She looks ok to me:)