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Blackberry Application Development

Blackberry Development Talk presents the latest news, updates and information for Blackberry developers and users. While we try to cover some technically loaded articles that would pick the interest of blackberry developers, we also cover the latest updates and applications on blackberry that are of primary interest to users.

Blackberry application development is a highly technical work and this blog helps us to get out of our geeky self and speak to the world – of course we are so much in love with our work even in the blog we can’t help but write about blackberry development.

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Latest Entry

RIM Expected To Unveil New BlackBerry App World 3.0 Today (22nd Aug ’11)

A Big day today for Blackberry users!! Research In Motion is expected to unveil their new updated BlackBerry App World 3.0 today (22nd August, 2011). The update to their App World is called BlackBerry App World 3.0 and this version has an all new design.

RIM has already released the beta version of App World 3.0 to their Beta Zone users and with the new home screen in the App, one can quickly find what BlackBerry app, game or theme they are looking for. Another new feature users can look forward to is the My World storage folder. The feature will maintain all of the user’s downloads on the home screen and provides the ability to wirelessly re-install a file if it is accidentally deleted or the user upgrades to another device.

Let’s hope that all BlackBerry users are just happy to see it pushing forward.

Recent Entries

Is BlackBerry Cyclone The Apple TV Competitor?

Research In Motion- The Canadian based smartphone company has been rumored to be releasing a media box similar to that of Apple TV. According to a report by NERDBERRY, this media player is said to be codenamed ‘BlackBerry Cyclone’.

According to the report, the BlackBerry Cyclone will connect to a TV via an HDMI cable and will be Wi-Fi enabled. Other features of the media player are said to include YouTube and the ability to access media devices through Wi-Fi.

The Cyclone is expected to be launched later this year.

President Barack Obama’s BlackBerry Security Team Develops ‘Ultimate Armor’- An Anti Phone Hacking App

The Los Angeles based developer, Michael Franco and his team who developed the NSA-approved version of the firmware for the US President Barack Obama’s BlackBerry has launched a new company Safe and Secure Mobile.

Michael Franco is the former head of The National Security Agency Advanced Secure Communication Lab where he was responsible for writing specifications for what became the Presidential Secure BlackBerry.

Secure Mobile’s first ever app for Android and BlackBerry is an anti phone hacking app called Ultimate Armor, which is completley invisible to the user but is residing on the device. Ultimate Armor will not be displayed in the application list or user menus, but is there in the device undetectable even against sophisticated voltage monitoring methods. The software repeatedly blocks all attempts to open data ports.

If a user has installed Ultimate Armor in his smartphone, any type of intercepting and monitoring of the smartphone is practically impossible.

“The software is setup in such a way that it can immediately identify any surveillance program and instantly remove the program and further block and close the phone’s leaking data ports”, Michael Franco said.

BlackBerry PlayBook Launched In India (Priced At Rs.27,990)

Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry PlayBook was launched in India on Wednesday.

“BlackBerry PlayBook comes in an ultra-portable design and features industry-leading performance with real-time multitasking and symmetrical multiprocessing,” the company said in a statement.

The much awaited rival to Apple’s iPad, the 7-inch tablet from BlackBerry feels solid, well constructed, a note book type appearance, with no button in the front and equipped with Wi-Fi support. The UI is refreshing and idiot proof.

“It delivers high-fidelity web browsing including support for Adobe Flash, as well as spectacular high-definition (HD) multimedia, advanced security features and out-of-the-box enterprise support,” the company statement added.

It will be distributed nationally through Redington India and Ingram Micro, initially in 1000 retail stores across eight cities and will then expand to other parts of the country.

In India, the BlackBerry PlayBook will cost Rs. 27,990 (16 GB), Rs. 32,990 (32 GB) and Rs. 37,990 (64 GB).

Specifications of BlackBerry PlayBook
  • Screen- 7-inch LCD
  • Processor- Arm Cortex dual-core A9 1GHz
  • Memory- 1GB (expandable to 64GB)
  • Battery- 5300 mAH
  • Front Camera- 3MP
  • 4G- Yes
  • Wi-Fi- Yes
  • Bluetooth- Yes

The Ultimate Smartphone App Store Infographic from [x]cubeLABS

Surely, we have seen app store infographics before, but this is somewhat special. Created by the [x]cubeLabs team and available in full glory here: Smartphone App Store Infographic, the infographic provides a lot of insights, facts and figures of the major App Stores.

Click on the image to get a bigger view:

RIM joins hands with China Telecom to offer BlackBerry services to small businesses in China.

Research In Motion (RIM) and China Telecommunications Corporation (China Telecom) today announced their plans to launch BlackBerry services for small businesses in China.

China Telecom will offer BlackBerry Internet Service to small businesses for RMB89 per month. BlackBerry Internet Service will enable mobile users to send and receive email from up to 10 supported work and personal email accounts.  In addition, the RIM and China Telecom services will also bring BBM and a range of Instant Messaging services for the users. The internet service can also support a range of third-party apps ranging from business productivity to personal entertainment.

China Telecom will also offer BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express that provides small businesses advanced management and security features with no additional software or user licensing fees.

Engadget Reports About 1000 BlackBerry Playbooks Being Recalled By RIM

Technology blog Engadget reported that about 1,000 RIM’s (Research In Motion) Playbook tablets were found flawed and are being ‘recalled’ back.

According to the report, 935 of the 16 gigabyte PlayBook tablets sold through Staples Inc. are affected by the recall. Engadget has posted a list of 935 SKUs or product identifier numbers that will reportedly be included in the recall. It’s unclear whether the recall was for Staples sales in the U.S., Canada or both.

The problem has been sited in CrackBerry.com, where users complained that who purchased PlayBook units from Staples reported having difficulties loading the user agreement screen, which PlayBook owners must complete to be able operate the device.

Officials with RIM and Staples did not respond to requests for comment Sunday.

Mobile Voice System 5 For BlackBerry

Research In Motion (RIM), the manufacturer of BlackBerry smartphone will develop a Mobile Voice System 5 for corporate phone systems and communication applications.

The application, which already exists on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager, can be made available for companies using Avaya Aura 6.1 and Avaya CS1000 Communication Server.

“Working with RIM, Avaya customers have expanded options to increase their mobile productivity. By using BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5 with Avaya Aura and Avaya CS1000, enterprises can more fully exploit investments previously made in BlackBerry solutions to benefit their IT organizations, end users and customers”, said Eric Rossman, vice president, Developer Relations and Alliances, Avaya.

The BlackBerry Mobile Voice 5, which connects with RIM’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), makes remote management easier as users can efficiently take office landline calls from around the world. In fact, it allows corporate users to use a single BlackBerry smartphone to answer calls placed to their desk-phones.

Now, you can run Android apps on BlackBerry playbook with Android app player.

If you wanted to buy a BlackBerry playbook and couldn’t do it because of fewer app choices then here’s some good news for you. Research in Motion has announced that Android app player will be soon available which will make it possible for Playbook users to run Android apps on their device. The Android app player will make it possible for you to download Android apps and run it in your Tablet device. And so you now have a bigger app collection to choose from.

RIM’s latest strategy may give Apple’s recently released iPad 2 a run for its money. Apps are increasingly becoming a key factor in purchase decisions and limited app choices for BlackBerry playbook in compared to iPad 2 would have turned away many users. But with the Android app player, playbook can surely give a tough fight to Apple’s iPad 2.

Bing To Be Default Search Engine on BlackBerry

Another step by Microsoft Corp. ‘to step’ up the competition with Google. Microsoft’s search engine Bing will now be the default SE and map application on RIM’s BlackBerry smartphones.

Bing will create “unique experiences for millions of BlackBerry customers,” Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer said at the annual BlackBerry World trade show in Orlando, Florida. He said that the partnership will be in effect later this year during the holiday season.

Microsoft is trying to catch up with Google’s US search market share, which is more than 4 times larger than Bing.

Microsoft has stepped up the marketing of Bing and teamed up with former rival Yahoo! Inc. to increase its market share. Google had 65.4 percent of searches in February, compared with Bing’s 13.6 percent (according to ComScore Inc.)

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