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Who delivered this ad to you?

This ad was delivered to you by Microsoft Advertising.

Why are some ads personalized?

To provide you with a more relevant online experience, Microsoft Advertising customizes a portion of the online ads that you see based on your past online activity. Information about your past online activity, or the activity of other people using this computer, might be used to help predict your interests and select the ads that you see.

Where can I learn more about my online information? .
View and manage your online information in the Microsoft Personal Data Dashboard Beta.New

Where can I learn more about how Microsoft Advertising uses the information that it collects?

For more information about Microsoft Advertising privacy practices and principles, see the Display of Advertising (Opt-out) section of the Microsoft Online Privacy Statement and Microsoft Privacy Principles for Search and Online Behavioral Targeting.

What options do I have about personalized advertising?

You can:
  • Opt out of receiving personalized ads on websites that use the Microsoft Advertising Platform and manage your advertising interests with the My Interests tool.
  • Opt out of receiving personalized ads from Microsoft and other advertising companies by visiting the following Consumer choice pages:

How can I learn more about privacy and online advertising?

For more information about online privacy visit the Microsoft Online Services Division Online Privacy and Safety Center. New
For more information about online advertising, visit Understanding Online Advertising (North America) or Your online choices (Europe).
For more information about how online advertising affects your privacy, see the Learn More page on the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) website.
For more information about how Internet Explorer 9 can help maintain your privacy choices, see the Internet Explorer 9 Features page on the Internet Explorer website.
Listen to Microsoft perspectives on online privacy, safety, and personalized advertising.