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Licensed Electrician

Hiring a licensed electrician is not only a prudent decision for having quality work to install circuits, switches, wires, and plugs in you home or business, it’s also a decision that could save you legal troubles and devastating financial setbacks in the future.
Innovative Electric Services has been serving Inland Empire, Riverside and the surrounding communities in California for over 25 years. Our team of licensed electricians is here to get your next project off the ground and into the realm of completion as fast as possible. We value speed, precision, accuracy and quality craftsmanship you’ll not find anywhere else.

Choosing a licensed electrician ensures you will enjoy years of comfort and convenience in your home or office. It also saves you heartache down the road. Knowing your job is not just done, but done right is more than just a financial investment. It’s an investment in peace of mind.

Licensed electrician craftsmanship helps you sleep better at night for several reasons.

  • Safety
  • Competence
  • Certified Skills
  • Insurance
  • In California, it’s the law.

When it comes to your home, safety is priority number one. You want and need a home that protects you from the elements and also from forseeable incidents caused by someone else’s negligence. Hiring someone who is not a licensed electrician goes against that most human instinct to guard your family. By hiring a licensed electrician, you know your home or business has been wired with the utmost care and safety precautions in mind.

Would you visit a Dr. who had not seen a patient in years? Would you visit an oncologist who was not up to date on the most advanced treatments to help save your life? The same is true with electricians. These are the people that connect one of the most dangerous, yet pertinent parts of your home. We live in a world where connectivity is of the utmost important. Having that go up in smoke (literally) is every homeowner’s worst nightmare.

Like your best Dr., a licensed electrician must stay up to date on the latest technologies, techniques and safety standards that go into making your house a home. Licensed electricians are required to have extensive insurance and also maintain a rigorous continuing education program to keep their skills in tip-top shape.

Imagine hiring an electrician to work on your home and then having a devastating electrical “accident” which could at worst completely decimate your home and everything inside. If you hire someone who is not a licensed electrician, your insurance could void all potential claims and leave you for lack of a better phrase, completely in the dark.

Aside from all of the examples above, hiring an unlicensed electrician is illegal. In California, it is illegal to do work as an unlicensed electrician. What’s worse is, there are some instances where individuals who have falsely represented themselves as licensed electricians got hurt on the job and actually sued the owners of the property.

Protect yourself by not only investing in your physical property, but also by the way it is brought to life. At Innovative Electric Services we have a team of licensed electricians who have the support and experience of 25 years serving your neighborhoods.

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