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    U.S. Senate candidate pantomimes 5-year-old son during strange cable news interview

    Rhode Island Republican Barry Hinckley's U.S. Senate run got a boost this week when a cute campaign video featuring his 5-year-old son Hudson hit the web. But it was Barry and Hudson's bizarre follow-up interview with Fox News that may make the more lasting impression.

    In the campaign video, "Economics for five-year-olds," Hudson breaks down criticism of President Obama's economic policies, asking, "Five-year-olds, are you better off now than you were five years ago?" Of course, President Obama was not in the White House five years ago, but we'll cut the kid some slack. Whether or not you agree with the video's political message, Hudson is adorable and charismatic.

    So, Fox News host Neil Cavuto had Barry and Hudson Hinckley on his show to discuss the ad. This is where things got very weird, very quickly. Throughout the video, Barry Hinckley can be seen reading something off-screen and mouthing the exact words his son Hudson is saying in response to Cavuto's questions. (The interview starts at the 1:30 mark in the video below.)

    Hilariously, things momentarily go off script when Cavuto inquires somewhat skeptically, "Hudson, are you worried about our debt?" Hudson pauses long enough for his Dad to interject, asking, "Are you worried about paying back the money?" Finally, Hudson answers, "Um, no."

    Barry Hinckley appears a little irritated and Cavuto jokes, "You're not worried about it at all. So, the whole ad was a lie!"

    So, what in the world was happening? Most likely, the interview was scripted so that 5-year-old Hudson would stay on his Dad's campaign message. Hinckley insists that most of the people who have watched his son's campaign video are supportive but a look over the video's comments shows plenty of people bringing up the never-ending question of whether a politician should use their own children for political gain.

    Cavuto even asked Barry Hinckley about that, to which he said, "The reality is, our kids have everything at stake here because the career politicians in Washington keep kicking the can down the road and passing the buck to our children."

    Cavuto himself appeared uncomfortable with how the interview was unfolding, so it's unclear if Fox News was aware of the scripting.

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    • Mangez Merde  •  2 days 20 hrs ago
      The son is a ventriloquist. The father his dummy.
    • Nickole  •  Tampa, Florida  •  2 days 21 hrs ago
      This entire interview was extremely painful to watch! As a mother of two children myself, I would never dream of pulling a stunt such as this for personal gain. Of course the child does not know what is going on...HE'S ONLY FIVE YEARS OLD. If Hinckley can conjure up a sham like this, you can only imagine the pollution he can create out there as an elected Senator!
    • 97  •  New Orleans, Louisiana  •  2 days 16 hrs ago
      For a second i thought i was watchin SNL. That guy is wierd.
    • Shark  •  Newark, New Jersey  •  2 days 23 hrs ago
      Wow this is creepy. A train wreck of awkwardness, I just couldn't look away.
    • Lashell  •  Memphis, Tennessee  •  3 days ago
      This has to be the weirdest political interview I've ever watched!
    • A  •  2 days 20 hrs ago
      OK, that's really kind of creepy. Leave the poor kid out of it! He clearly didn't know what he was talking about, and I think it's kind of manipulative to use your child like that.
    • MasterNate  •  Phoenix, Arizona  •  2 days 21 hrs ago
      It's one thing to have your son in a cute little ad but the way he seemed so slimy keeping his 5 year old trained not to stray from whatever talking points he made up and getting visibly upset at a 5 year old's answers to somewhat adult questions. Very uncomfortable video.
    • Danielle  •  Terre Haute, Indiana  •  2 days 21 hrs ago
      Why was the dad moving his lips like that? Like he'd went over it a million time with him? Weeeiiirrrd!!!!
    • D  •  Sioux Falls, South Dakota  •  2 days 10 hrs ago
      I cant believe how dumb Hinckley is to actually mouth the words from the teleprompter. Did he forget that they were doing a televised interview. What an idiot! I dont think he is qualified for senate if he is that stupid.
    • Biteme  •  Dallas, Texas  •  2 days 20 hrs ago
      The kid has clearly been coached to say things he does not really understand. In fact at the end when the kid is asked what he wants to do when he grows up, watch the father, he's mouthing the words as the kid talks. So, can the father not win on his own steam? He has to exploit his five year old to gain a political position. That's pathetic.
    • Steve  •  Tampa, Florida  •  2 days 20 hrs ago
      Really....elect the kid, at least he's honest
    • deacon  •  2 days 20 hrs ago
      Yeah, That was creepy especially the way Daddy was lip syncing the child's response to the questions.
    • Anne  •  San Francisco, California  •  2 days 23 hrs ago
      I felt like I was watching a ventriloquist and his mannequin.
    • jj  •  Chicago, Illinois  •  2 days 20 hrs ago
      cute kid, funny video, but I don't care how intelligent he is, he doesn't comprehend politics. The kid is a puppet on a string @ that age. He's thinkin, 'Dad can I have a new tonka truck and legos for the great commercial?" The dad should be ashamed to be talking about grown up affairs with the child. 5yr old to 5yr old? Come on, why would you want your child to be worried about the economy? 5yr old to 5yr old? At that age they are asking for their parents permission to swap toys.
    • Gabe  •  Albuquerque, New Mexico  •  2 days 23 hrs ago
      You can see the dads lips moving when the kid is talking, like it was premeditated, weird. Also why are there no comment boxes on most of Yahoo articles lately?
    • gerri  •  Los Angeles, California  •  2 days 23 hrs ago
      notice towards the end when they are asking his son what he wants to be when he grows up at the same time he is responding his dad is like moving his lips simotanoisly as his son speaks kinda wired it almost looks as if he is telling him what to say
    • Jeffrey H  •  Houston, Texas  •  2 days 20 hrs ago
      Kids say what kids want to say, not what the parents want to train them to say. The father should have known this was going to be a trainwreck from jump...
    • Shawn  •  Monroe, Louisiana  •  2 days 8 hrs ago
      his dad is a psychopath.
    • Chris  •  3 days ago
      this is really sad and despicable. Talk about low, to use your 5 yr old son like that, just to try and get some votes. Then the "candidate" goes on an interview just to read the cue cards with his
      son..looking like a ventriloquist! poetic justice...served on fox news no less, how ironic..LOL
    • Singer  •  3 days ago
      This wouldnt make me vote for this guy anymore than furniture saleman using kids in their ads. Perhaps the candidate should do more of his own talking instead of asking children, who are not able to vote, to support him.



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