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    Tornadoes hit Midwest, South: How to help

    Multiple tornadoes swept through the Midwest and South last week, killing 39 people, leveling small towns and leaving a swath of devastation in their wake.

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    Below are organizations that are working on relief and recovery in the region.

    American Red Cross: Red Cross workers in Missouri have opened shelters and are providing meals for displaced residents. Additional workers are fanning out in affected neighborhoods to begin assessing the extent of the tornado damage. In Kansas, tornadoes damaged homes and search and rescue teams are searching for missing residents in the wreckage. Red Cross chapters are opening shelters and serving meals to those affected as well as emergency responders. Donate here.

    Salvation Army: The Salvation Army is providing support in Harveyville, Kansas. Emergency Disaster Service volunteers from Topeka are on the scene providing meals, snacks and drinks to first responders, survivors and clean-up crews via mobile feeding kitchens. The Salvation Army is also offering emotional and spiritual support to those in need. Donate here.

    • guess  •  1 day 5 hrs ago
    • R  •  Crofton, Maryland  •  1 day 11 hrs ago
      I live in Maryland. Is there anyone out there who knows of an organization who is taking supplies to these people. i.e. furniture, beds, clothing, small appliances etc to help get them back on their feet when their houses are rebuilt or a shelter of some sort is established for them? Perhaps sofa beds, futons etc. for relatives to use in their houses if they have relatives who will be staying with them for a while until they are re-established. It seems like organizations such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army only want money. I'm sure there is so much more that can be directly done for these families.
    • Patricia  •  Hillsborough, New Jersey  •  1 day 13 hrs ago
      everyone put your money where your typing fingers are and hit your bank accounts to donate to the towns. never mind waiting for the government to act, we all know how slow and non-responsive they are - remember New Orleans.
    • Blue  •  St Louis, Missouri  •  3 days ago
      My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    • Jeff  •  Colorado Springs, Colorado  •  2 days 1 hr ago
      Cut all foreign aid, and spend the money on America.
    • AZ Old Lady  •  Chandler, Arizona  •  2 days 10 hrs ago
      I wonder how many foreign countries will give these towns money to help clean up and rebuild???? This country helps others but we sure don't get anything from any other country.
    • Sandy  •  Keene, New Hampshire  •  22 hrs ago
      My prayers for all affected by the tornados, the Goverment needs to take care of our own now not anyone else.
    • deb  •  Lynn, Massachusetts  •  2 days 11 hrs ago
      our tax $$ should here not over seas
    • Mayjee  •  1 day 9 hrs ago
      I will donate to the Salvation Army and not the Red Cross. Because it has so many "celebrity" representatives, I am leery as to whether all donations are going for what they say they are; like SG Komen, who funnelled the donations of people who would not support abortion, to Planned Parenthood, I just need proof. I know Salvation Army would not do that. At least I hope not.
    • maryb  •  12 hrs ago
      I am sending $$ to st. Xavier church/henryville. They were the first ones to feed the people. god bless their works and the people trying to rebuild their lives.
    • kenneth  •  2 days 4 hrs ago
      My first house was hit with a tornado during a hurricane. Watch in your neighborhood for looters. I went to my mom's for the hurricane and drove back to where my home was supposed to be to see a pickup loaded down with my things drive away. I didn't realize until I got there and talked to the neighbors that it was my things they took. They had been told we had sent the truck to get our things. Years later, when a tornado hit 1/2 mile from my house, we went without electricity for a week. What I wished for most was a hot shower and an air conditioner.
    • Melissa  •  2 days 7 hrs ago
      I hope everything turns out right. The fact we are spending billions in another country to rebuild their country and pay their military is #$%$ when we could be helping our own.
    • Blue  •  St Louis, Missouri  •  3 days ago
      Why have I not heard that the US is loading up all the supplies to help all the tornado victims in our country. Whenever you hear of some disaster in another country, the US is all on that. What a shame. Remember Katrina. Does'nt our military have something to do with the US.
    • casey  •  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  •  1 day 11 hrs ago
    • thepuppie  •  2 days 22 hrs ago
      My heart goes out to all who are suffering from this unbelievable weather.
      NOW.......THIS IS something our government could really do is help these people and quit giving away money to foreign country's.
    • Your Mother  •  Mt Pleasant, South Carolina  •  3 days ago
      Lord, have mercy.
    • wombat  •  21 hrs ago
      I will help but it will be interesting to see how many foreign countries we rebuilt will help us out now. I would bet none of them!!
    • angie  •  Atlanta, Georgia  •  2 days 23 hrs ago
      power on and off all Carrollton , GA. West Ga/East AL area... am a RN/ACNP student...warnings all around....God forbid the Celebs/Athletes be hit ...would make top yahoo news...forget those who actually try to save lives...
    • EZGOING  •  1 day 7 hrs ago
      has obama said anything about helping our fellow Americans in their time of need, or was all our tax money handed out to foreign countries, and to illegals?
    • vmb  •  2 days 6 hrs ago
      I was in an F5 tornado in Niles,OH, on May 31,1985. It was a terrifying ordeal. Everyone please donate to the Red Cross or the Salvation Army. Prayers for the survivors.
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