• J  •  Brentwood, California  •  1 day 4 hrs ago
    Nice kid, but I blame the parents for this just like I would any illegal’s that bring their young families over here in defiance of our laws. In the end, it’s the kids who suffer as a result of their shameful parent’s lack of moral integrity and failings in being an example to their kids in showing them respect for the law. They must have known that sooner or later they would be caught. Although this girl’s situation is sad, the law is the law, what applies to one applies to all. If we make an exception with her and bend over backwards to let her stay, we might as well for the untold millions of kids whose parents brought them here illegally. It’s not fair for those kids who do immigrate legally with their parents, and to give this kid a pass is like thumbing ones nose at the ones who respect our laws enough to do the process of immigrating the right way. This girl can still come back, but will have to wait in line like everyone else and earn the right to be an American, otherwise her parents should be ashamed of themselves for the bad example they set forth by showing a child that a country’s law doesn’t really matter.
  • Jacal  •  St Louis, Missouri  •  2 days 7 hrs ago
    Did I hear that right ..She was 4 years old in 1991 and this is 2012....Then she can't be 18 years old....is it even legal to have a 25 year old attending a high school with under age students ?
  • OH WOW  •  Los Angeles, California  •  2 days 23 hrs ago
    any one else notice comments have been disabled for most articles on yahoo?
  • Jacal  •  St Louis, Missouri  •  2 days 0 hrs ago
    The reason she wants Citizenship is because she wants Citizenship rights...so she can be elligible for Federal grants and scholarships..because anyone without citizenship are not entitled.And a falsified social securtity number can't also go to college.So now she wants to be affored all the same thing American students get when they go to college.And up till now some how she got her public education paid for by American taxpayers and now she wants to collect on the college funds affored to American students.She wants them without serious inconvenience or serious consequences even knowing she was illegal and breaking the law.
  • .  •  2 days 15 hrs ago
    Something about her story isn't adding up (besides for the obvious grade inflation). Let's do some math that any high school valedictorian shouldn't have trouble following. She says she arrived here in 1991 at age 4. So she was born in either 1986 or 1987. It's 2012. She is now 25 years old and just finishing high school?! #$%$
  • Rob Cs  •  Fair Oaks, California  •  2 days 17 hrs ago
    I find it interesting that in all the years her family has been here, that neither her parent's got her legal resident status. The father has it why not the rest of the family?
  • Jacal  •  St Louis, Missouri  •  1 day 6 hrs ago
    This is not about someone who is smart.This is about somone who knew she was illegal and choose to break the law.And now wants to handed citizenship. She can be smart but she shows no respect for our way of immigration and thats called an anarchist....a person who ignores the rules.
  • Paul  •  Toronto, Canada  •  2 days 7 hrs ago
    If you cross the north korean border illegally you get 12 years hard labor.

    if you cross the iranian border illegally you are detained indefinitely.

    if you cross the afghan border illegally, you get shot.

    if you cross the saudi arabian border illegally you will be jailed.

    if you cross the chinese border illegally you may never be heard from again.

    if you cross the venezuelan border illegally you will be branded a spy and your fate will be sealed.

    if you cross the cuban border illegally you will be thrown into political prison to rot.

    if you cross the mexican border illegally you will be thrown into prison for up to two years and have a fine of 3 hundred to 5 thousand pesos imposed.(article 123)

    if you cross the u.s. Border illegally you get:

    1 - a job,
    2 - a drivers license,
    3 - social security card,
    4 - welfare,
    5 - food stamps,
    6 - credit cards
    7 - subsidized rent or a loan to buy a house,
    8 - free education,
    9 - free health care,
    10 - a lobbyist in washington
    11 - billions of dollars worth of public documents printed in your language
    12 - and the right to carry your country's flag while you protest that you don't get enough respect
  • blotto  •  Irvine, California  •  1 day 22 hrs ago
    WE NEED TO STOP TEARING FAMILIES APART!!! Her mother is back home in Colombia- Daniela needs to go home and be reunited with her mom.
  • Sean  •  Exeter, New Hampshire  •  2 days 16 hrs ago
    International Baccalaureate is out of 7, so she has a 6.7/7.0, which is roughly a 3.81/4. They should definitely explain, because it isn't technically called a 6.7 GPA, its a 6.7/7.
  • Chris H  •  2 days 18 hrs ago
    6.7 GPA? What kind of wacky GPA Scale is that?
  • 18 Delta  •  1 day 6 hrs ago
    She will be a great help to Colombia.
  • Professional Engineer  •  2 days 1 hr ago
    Goodbye. Columbia needs smart people too!
  • Just Visiting!  •  2 days 9 hrs ago
    Who would pay for her ivy league schooling might i ask? US?
  • Katertot  •  Riverside, California  •  3 days ago
    how the hell do you have a 6.7??
  • barry ain't my boy  •  1 day 23 hrs ago
    She came here at age 4 back in 1991, whats she still doing in HS at age 25 with a supposed 6.7gpa??? hahahahaha
  • john  •  Anchorage, Alaska  •  2 days 13 hrs ago
    Less likely to be deported if she wasn't here ILLEGALLY !!!
  • J  •  New Orleans, Louisiana  •  2 days 16 hrs ago
    i started to apply for my green card at the age of 15... I now 38, and finally, I got my temporary green card last year!!! I went thru h*ELL for this thing...People, #$%$ why will i feel bad for this girl, just because she has a GPA of 6.7??? so what? I have a GPA 3.2. I may not be as smart as her, but at least i went thru the process legally!!
  • vernon  •  1 day 21 hrs ago
    the questoin isnt her grades, its her immigration status which is against U.S. policy
  • Jacal  •  St Louis, Missouri  •  1 day 6 hrs ago
    When anyone breaks the law and is caught red handed breaking the law does that person doing it get excused from breaking the law ? Then why is our Federal Govt. allowing illegals any excuses for breaking the law ?