• nikoli Yesterday
    It would be nice if I get these yahoo videos to actually play!
  • Rottweilerv 18 hours ago
    @Guess--I happen to agree with Deb. Now really, do you think these "rich and famous" personalities have REALLY worked their rears off to have the gazillions of dollars they have?? If that was case, so MANY more of us should be right up there with them. I know alot of people who are ACTUALLY working their rears off and barely making it!! Go figure----
  • Deb Watkins 2 days ago
    You have got to be kidding? Really? People are losing their homes, unemployed, uninsured and despairing all over this country. How appalling and disgusting to see the wasteful excesses of the rich and famous. Sure they do charity work. Sure they make contributions to causes. Obviously nowhere near enough if these are their "road homes." How they live with themselves while their fellow human beings are suffering is unimaginable. Overpaid entertainers and athletes are our own fault. We created the monsters. We can make the choice not to condone this any longer. It's time for a wake-up call. There is a real world out there and it's filled with suffering and struggling. Shame on all of them for flaunting their wealth in our faces. Shame on us for allowing them to do it.
  • Tamara Williams 6 hours ago
    i agree wid nikoli these vidoes never work omg lol
  • Tamara Williams 6 hours ago
    omg mariah is a beauty woman and she lose 30 pounds so fast good work :)
  • Guess Yesterday
    Deb, you are an idiot. Why don't you get a life and stop being envious of others who have worked their rears off putting something together. Who tells you how to spend your money? or are you just another, 'on the dole leach' with a computer and an iphone demanding that someone else should pay for it.
  • Kenneth 6 hours ago
    Just hope those rich and famous don't use North American Van Lines to move them.
    Most horrible moving company of all time, unless you don't mind having yor furniture returned
    to you with GOUGES, etc as well as losing (perhaps stolen) items.