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    Twister slams same area hit by killer storm in '11

    HARVEST, Ala. (AP) — Cody Stewart is done owning a home for a little while. He has lost his house to tornadoes twice in 10 months.

    A killer twister wiped out his neighborhood in the epic Alabama storms April 27, causing Stewart $40,000 worth of damage that forced him to temporarily move in with his parents. In his house for less than two months with repairs still incomplete, another tornado hit again Friday, ripping off the roof, slinging it into the backyard and leaving the walls bowed outward.

    This time, the damage is beyond repair.

    "I kind of expected there to be more storms again this year, but you never expect it to hit the same place twice," Stewart said Saturday as he stood in what remains of his wood-frame home. "I think I'm going to live in an apartment awhile. I'm not superstitious, but it just kind of seems there's a path here and I don't want to be in it again, and I hope other people make the same choice."

    While scattered damage was reported elsewhere, the worst destruction was in Limestone and Madison counties, where 190 homes were damaged or destroyed.

    The damage included nearly every house in Stewart's neighborhood on Yarbrough Road, located in the Tennessee Valley about 15 miles northwest of Huntsville.

    The storms were not as deadly in Alabama this time. Nearly 200 miles south of Harvest, which is near the Tennessee state line, one person was killed in the Tallapoosa County community of Jackson's Gap. Last year, twisters cut a wide path of destruction across the region, killing about 250 people statewide, including at least two near where Stewart lived.

    Dozens of homes were damaged or destroyed a year ago in his neighborhood, which was left looking like logging crews had come through because all of the trees were snapped and tossed to the ground.

    The twister Friday was smaller and didn't cause any serious injuries, but it hit homes where people were still recovering.

    Across the street from Stewart, Jason Kerr and his wife lost their home to the April 27 twister but weren't injured. Kerr had just finished demolishing the house, rebuilding the garage and hauling in $5,000 worth of dirt for a new foundation when the latest storm stuck. Their brand new garage was damaged, and they might not be able to repair it.

    Kerr dreads again dealing with insurance companies that he said seem to pinch every dollar.

    "It makes it hard for the people on the ground who have lost everything," he said. "It's a difficult time for everybody."

    That includes James and Judy Hodges, who live up the street on the corner. They just finished $65,000 in repairs to their home and moved back in; now the house looks it was hit with a giant ax that flayed open the roof and ripped off the front of the structure.

    "Time to rebuild again," she said as church volunteers helped clear away debris and pick up belongings scattered through the yard.

    Longtime residents talk about the 1974 tornado outbreak that wiped out hundreds of homes, killed nearly 90 people and injured about 950 people in north Alabama. Stewart remembers a twister in the early '90s, when he was still a boy. The repeated bashings have left people feeling short on luck, at the very least.

    As Stewart left home Friday to drive to work at a tech company in Huntsville, something felt eerie. Forecasters had been warning of the chance of severe weather for days, and he said it was too warm for early March; the sky looked too gray.

    "It was just that sick feeling in your stomach," he said. "It was like, 'It feels familiar.'"

    Now, with Yarbrough Road hit twice in such a short period, Stewart said nothing will ever be the same there.

    "It's time to move on," he said.

    • Momof4  •  1 day 20 hrs ago
      TL, I lived through the April 27, 2011 tornado outbreak in Alabama. My home was damaged, the trees on my property were all down or damaged beyond help, no government aid worker came to offer to help me but churches all over the area came with water, food and man power to help remove the debris. Good people stopped and helped get the tree off my house and others came with materials and repaired the damage to my roof and porch. Democrats and republicans alike came and offered help. Many, many lives were lost during that time but not one survivor blamed God, the government, or anyone else. This country is not evil as long as good people come to the aid of those in trouble and need and I witnessed that outpouring of love and concern. Instead of running off at the mouth, why not go to those areas affected and offer to help. You are one person but one person can make all the difference to someone who is suffering and struggling.
    • Michael  •  1 day 0 hrs ago
      My prayer's go out to the people and families who live their and those who lost loved ones.
    • Shark Hunter  •  Oakland, California  •  1 day 16 hrs ago
      Events like this put life in prospective.Mother Nature doesn't care care how much money you do or don't have. What color you are. What kind of car you drive. None of those things matter. What matters is how WE stick together in a crisis. If We all swim together, work hand and hand there is nothing that WE can't overcome. To the Folks in the Mid West keep ya head up!
    • mitch  •  Omaha, Nebraska  •  1 day 7 hrs ago
      hope he doesn't have state farm, they'll drop him like they did me (2 claims in last four yrs totalling $6500).
    • peacenow  •  1 day 15 hrs ago
      I can't imagine the heartache and despair these people are feeling losing their homes twice in less than a year. How many times can someone start over? Those of us whose homes are safe have no conception of what it must be like to walk in their shoes. For families who have lost loved ones, the pain is unfathomable. Terrible!
    • john  •  Los Angeles, California  •  1 day 7 hrs ago
      you can replace things,but, you cannot replace life. be strong with life and move on with that
      life and never give up.
    • Ben the Cat  •  Elmhurst, Illinois  •  1 day 13 hrs ago
      What a bunch of pathetic losers Insurance Companies are. It would be nice if a tornado leveled the insurance companys presidents house, see how they feel to get penny-pinched for a change (like that would happen!).
    • Masked Man  •  1 day 7 hrs ago
      Coast for hurricanes, Midwest and South for Tornadoes, floods along rivers, earthquakes on the West coast. Lightning everywhere... so now where do you "smart" commenters live?
    • Y'know  •  1 day 15 hrs ago
      Mid 1970s tornados in Omaha shattered bank vaults, scattering valuables far and wide.
      It is unlikely there's a building code to answer a force like that.
    • Steve  •  1 day 4 hrs ago
      I went shopping for a new homeowners policy & I was SHOCKED & INFURIATED to hear the Tool on the other end of the phone parrot that I had made a claim for a new roof back in `07 due to hail damage, & that put me in a 30% higher premium catagory... SOOOOOOO, Do I NOT file a claim after paying premiums for a lifetime? IF I'M AFRAID to USE my insureance, WHY do I BUY IT??? Is it CHEAPER to fix & PAY for damages MYSELF? But I'm REQUIRED BY LAW to buy homeowners Insurence, Not to mention Deductables that are SO HIGH that often you end up with NOTHING, (Like when some drunk plowed into my garage door & fled B4 I got a licence #) WHO ARE THE BIGGEST THIEVES???? The INSUREANCE industry? POLITITIONS? LAWYERS? BANKS? OIL COMPANIES? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! EVIDENTLY, I AM, BECAUSE THE EVERYDAY PRICE FOR AN OIL-CHANGE @ MY SHOP IS 5$ HIGHER THAN THE "GIVEAWAY-COUPON-AFTER-REBATE-IF-YOU-COME-IN-B4 7:00 AM" price @ the Tire store........AAAAUUUUUURRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Jeffrey  •  1 day 11 hrs ago
      This is just heart wrenching, my condolences and prayers to you all...
    • Frances  •  1 day 21 hrs ago
      Poor guy :( I pray for him and his family's welfare. Hope they find peace very soon.
    • John  •  1 day 0 hrs ago
      Is there some requirement someone has to make stupid, hateful racist or sexist comments about everything?
    • Carmen  •  1 day 8 hrs ago
      how heartless some of you can be...calling them hillbillies and stupid for not moving...where? people still live, flock even to California even though they are constantly rocked by earthquakes and the big one is still to come as they say...people just partied their #$%$ off in New Orleans years after Katrina and people still move to Florida to retire even thought almost every year there are hurricanes...these are our homes, where some were born, where their parents worked the land and now it's their if you want to but I promise you there is probubly something much worse where you are running to...Mother Nature is everywhere and sometimes she can be a real #$%$..
    • Indiana Jones  •  Indianapolis, Indiana  •  1 day 16 hrs ago
      Mother Nature rips a hole in parts of America and idiots post crap about Obama and Bush. If gas prices were as low as the I.Q. in this forum, we'd all be happy.
    • Conway  •  Dahlonega, Georgia  •  1 day 5 hrs ago
      Okay, what is with all of the negative commentary? This is a disaster that has destroyed homes and lives, and you find that to be nothing but fodder for you jokes? I am a proud Southerner, so let me tell you about the South! Yes, we have more than our fair share of racism, homophobia, poverty, backwards thinking, and stupidity. But we also have our manners, our sweet tea (nothing like it!), a multitude of great writers #$%$ writer of sparkly vampires certainly is not from here, but other great paranormal writers are), many of the great actors, and a plethora a culture influences that have been spread from here to New York and abroad. Not saying that we are perfect, but who is. Tired of seeing my region downgraded as a cesspool of ignorance. We have that, true enough, but what area does not? These comments prove just that! Hell, we still have black politicians, gay couples, citizens over 60 that believe in liberal ideas, young people that are conservative, and Muslims that are more pro-gun and pro-American that the staunchest stereotypical redneck of New York Yankees fan. So, this being said, try to stop seeing this region as one boring book and start seeing it as a whole library with different subjects, different views, and just as avaluable.
    • John  •  1 day 7 hrs ago
      The Trolls are out in force on Yahoo today. Apparently tragedy brings them out from under their rocks. I hope you never have to experience the tragedy the heartland has experienced this week.
    • cheryl  •  1 day 20 hrs ago
      Wow.. It amazes me how many people sit and judge where people live when disaster's hit. Can someone please tell me where these people are suppose to go for safety? Mother Nature can strike anywhere anytime earhtquakes are everywhere, hurricanes are in the south east and eastern states, tornadoes are prone in some areas but can happen anywhere, and then theres ice storms and freezing temps. So telling someone to move isnt really gonna solve the problems. As for building stronger buildings, even a small tornado can do alot of damage.. Let's just all hope for some peaceful times ahead & not kick these people when they're down.
    • DeeCee  •  Gainesville, Florida  •  21 hrs ago
      Not sure how this turned into such an Alabama thing. Kentucky and Indiana were hit much, MUCH harder. I'm sorry for them all.
    • Warren S  •  Houston, Texas  •  1 day 21 hrs ago
      Bummer...... Same thing happened to many in Moore, OK. back in 98/99.
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