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World Class Mobile App Development Services.

Millions of people use Metova developed applications.

We Make Custom Mobile Apps for Android, iOS and more. From the back of a napkin to monetization, Metova can help.

Metova's sole focus is on smartphone application development for the most capable mobile platforms.

Android App Development Services

iOS | iPad | iPhone App Development Services

BlackBerry App Development Services

Windows Phone 7 App Development Services

Every day the world's most respected brands depend on Metova.

World class mobile applications developed in just weeks.

Average Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7 projects take just 5 weeks to complete. How is this possible? People. Tools. Technology. Mobile technology is fragmented, but placing development for more than 100 clients in a single physical location mitigates that impact. No distractions, just smartphone and tablet application development, all the time. The result? Smoother projects and better user experiences because a technology expert in every area is only a few feet away. Mobile Strategy, Design, Development, and QA, all in one location.

Choose Metova.

Choose Metova if you want an elegant product. Choose Metova if you are pushing the limit. Choose Metova if you need to do something never done before. Choose Metova if user experience matters. Choose Metova if you need to monetize. Choose Metova when you need answers to difficult problems. Choose Metova if you need help navigating the mobile landscape.

Don't Choose Metova.

Don't choose Metova if your concept is like most others and you need warm bodies to implement it. Don't choose Metova if you do not want to be critically involved in the direction of your application development. Don't choose Metova if you are looking for the lowest price in a generic RFP process. Don't choose Metova if you do not value transparency, accountability, and innovation.

Outsourced development works, but only with the right formula.

Choose the right developer. It is difficult enough to succeed with internal teams, how could it be feasible with someone not on-site? Communication. Transparency. Accountability. We understand why projects fail; we have faced those challenges head on, and we have built our business around a development process tailored for success. Share the same tools with us, all online, always up to date. Development releases every week. Drag and drop re-prioritize the features at any time. Change directions every two hours to meet the business need, we are up to it. If you need an Android Developer, iOS Developer (iPhone Developer or iPad Developer), or a BlackBerry Developer contact us to

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