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Toilet Paper Puppy - PetTube

This potty-trained pup takes some supplies back to his crate!

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  • Smoke and Water Do Mix

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    Smoke, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and troubled dog rescued by owner Melissa Ness, elevated himself to hero status as he dove his way into our hearts in 2010 when he won the Western Regional of the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge in San Diego, CA.

  • Caution: International Flying Discs

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    International Disc Dog competitors from Poland, Canada, and Japan kept things hot at this year's Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Championships as they went head to head with their American counterparts in the Freestyle Flying Disc competition.

  • Socks the Twitter Cat

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    Find out why more than one million people follow this popular cat on Twitter.

  • Snouts in Your Town Presents: Cat Agility

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    Cats are not generally known for their athletic prowess. If you've ever been to a cat show, you'd know that they are more entertaining and laid back than aerobic in nature…until now that is!

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