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Weekly HubNugget Hub is Upposted by KoffeeKlatch Gals in The Hubber's Hangout1Simone Smith33 minutes ago
Weekly Topic Inspiration: Diseases, Disorders, and Conditionsposted by Simone Smith in The Hubber's Hangout76Hyphenbird2 hours ago
Obama's deception about Libyaposted by habee in Politics and Social Issues14knolyourself2 seconds ago
That stingy old Mitt paid over 4 mil in charity donations in 2011.posted by JSChams in Politics and Social Issues2JSChams1 minute ago
Ah yes!!!! Four more years of THIS please!posted by JSChams in Politics and Social Issues11JSChams3 minutes ago
What do you class as a successful hub?posted by CyclingFitness in The Hubber's Hangout1rebekahELLE7 minutes ago
Obama rated better president than Reagan?posted by Mighty Mom in Politics and Social Issues25Wayne Brown12 minutes ago
Google Panda refresh happening now!posted by PaulGoodman67 in Traffic Discussions54Len Cannon14 minutes ago
Islam, is it a violent religion?posted by thirdmillenium in Religion and Philosophy64Jerami17 minutes ago
An end to the Nigerian scams??!!posted by wilderness in The Hubber's Hangout3Horatio Plot19 minutes ago
20 yrs average vs. 10 years actual tax returns?posted by Mighty Mom in Politics and Social Issues4Mighty Mom28 minutes ago
HubNuggets: Religion, Sports, and Entertainment Winners Posted!posted by Patty Inglish, MS in The Hubber's Hangout10Simone Smith31 minutes ago
Does spanking children make them go out of hand? posted by crystaleyes in Family and Parenting82Ben Zoltak31 minutes ago
Simpsons Nail Romneyposted by Sooner28 in Politics and Social Issues0Sooner2836 minutes ago
Unalienable Rightsposted by Sooner28 in Politics and Social Issues21Sooner2837 minutes ago
Is the President's Birth Certificate a fake?posted by MarleneB in Politics and Social Issues136JSChams45 minutes ago
count to 200,000!posted by WaffleCheese in The Sandpit3,952CASE1WORKER49 minutes ago
Best Keyword Tool That Is Freeposted by B A N K A I guy in The Hubber's Hangout8Missy Mac51 minutes ago
Independent Report Vindicates AG Holder in "Fast and Furious"posted by chipsball in Politics and Social Issues6The Longhunter51 minutes ago
Like it or not, God is immoral.posted by Greatest I am in Religion and Philosophy85A Troubled Man51 minutes ago
The end of the world.... again?posted by Mom Kat in Religion and Philosophy12jacharless57 minutes ago
Did Romney Take Part in the Tax Amnesty Program in 2009?posted by Dr Billy Kidd in Politics and Social Issues1HowardBThiname66 minutes ago
Should healthcare be a right? posted by Mtbailz in Politics and Social Issues8wilderness83 minutes ago
Muslims deplore the killing of U.S. ambassador to Libyaposted by Don W in Politics and Social Issues196PhoenixV103 minutes ago
What is up with all the negativity against Hubpages in the forums?posted by Novel Treasure in HubPages Tutorials and Community5Uninvited Writer113 minutes ago
What's your full time work?posted by shabarigirish in The Hubber's Hangout173Novel Treasure115 minutes ago
Confused about Hub Ratingsposted by kathleenkat in Need Help? Ask Here.1Novel Treasure116 minutes ago
What kind on a man Adolf Hitler was???posted by God made science in Religion and Philosophy111Rad Man117 minutes ago
'Innocence of Muslims' posted by ptosis in Religion and Philosophy361ptosis118 minutes ago
The Obama administration is in bed with Big Union.posted by JSChams in Politics and Social Issues0JSChams2 hours ago

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