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My Crazy Night with the Starkist Man and the Heineken Lady.

A look at the first night of my grocery store manager life. I managed grocery stores for over 20 years but this is one of the most memorable nights.

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Crisco...the hidden beauty product

Get ready folks: I'm coming out of the closet! I can't hide this anymore. I even came clean to my husband. I never saw him laugh so hard and I don't think I've ever felt sillier, except for maybe the time when....oh never mind, that's behind me now....

84 comments    beauty moisturizer

Quotes About Choosing Happiness

I used to think that people who exuded joy and happiness were blessed with an easy life and had been spared hardships, but experience has taught me that happiness can be a conscious choice, regardless of one's circumstances.

224 comments    life is a gift highest purpose

Why Successful Dating Depends on Mind Games

I am 31 years old, attractive, intelligent, and otherwise desirable - but I've always had abysmal luck with dating. Whenever I found a man I really liked, I couldn't seem to keep his attention. When I wasn't sure how I felt, he poured on the...

94 comments    dating advice dating help

The Michigan Accent & Michiganders' Slang Words

A guide on the Michigan accent and commonly used slang words (and their Michigan-style pronunciation) that Michiganders and other Midwesterners often use.

321 comments    michigan linguistics slang

How-To Use SAP Nco 3 Connector | .Net 4 | Visual Studio 2010

This is a tutorial on using the SAP .Net Connector, NCO for .Net 4 and Visual Studio 2010.

37 comments    business how-to java

Brazil's Paradise Island Florianopolis

Florianopolis is indeed Brazil’s Paradise Island. It has so much beauty to offer by way of natural landforms, panoramic vistas, gorgeous beaches, and a rich cultural heritage. Water sports are numerous, music flows gently, and the people welcome tourists with friendly smiles. What more could anyone want for their vacation getaway?

14 comments    beaches brazil south america

Button Greeting Cards: Ideas for Handmade Homemade Card Making

This article has over ten different button greeting card ideas. These are all free ideas for handmade home card making. There are lots of photos and resources.

87 comments    make homemade handmade

How to Earn $1000 a Month Writing at Hubpages

How would you like to me an extra thousand a month writing online? Here is a plan to be able to earn $1000 a month at Hubpages.

119 comments    make money online

Free Crochet Animal Patterns

The page includes links to patterns for the best crochet animal patterns on the web. It includes lions, tigers, bears, a giraffe, turtles and more.

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